Acme Canine Summer Agility Workshop


August 14th 10:00AM – Noon

Attend with your dog $70 (includes agility leash)

OR register as an observer $20

This workshop will utilize lecture,  demonstration, and practical exercises with workshop participants.

This workshop is an introduction to the fun sport of Agility for both the owner and his dog.  Agility success is truly about teamwork.  Dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds are welcome.  While it is important for you to understand that your dog will be doing lots of physical activity, our goal is for both you and your dog to HAVE FUN.  Our class will introduce dogs to the obstacles used in the sport, while developing strong handler’s body language.  We have adjustable obstacles which are adaptable to all attendees.

As with any exercise regimen, you should consult with your doctor and/or your veterinarian before staring any exercise program.

We are looking forward to having you and your dog be a part of our Agility class.  To participate in Acme Canine’s Agility class:

  • Your dog must have an obedience foundation to participate in agility.  There is a lot of time spent off leash so your dog needs to understand SIT, STAY, and COME.
  • No aggression will be permitted, because there will be other dogs on the course.  If your dog is shy, nervous or reserved, the sport of agility can help to build their confidence and increase their trust in you.

The workshop  will be held at our training facility at 1385 Franklin St., Lewis Center.  Limit of 8 dogs.

Workshop Goals & Philosophy

  1. Safety for the Dogs and Handlers
  2. Have Fun!!!
  3. Build Trust & Confidence through Teamwork

Recommended Items for Students

  1. Quick Release Collar or Slip Lead
  2. 6’ or shorter Leash
  3. Assortment of small treats for rewarding (Pet Botanics Training Rewards, Bil Jac Liver Treats, chopped hot dogs, Cheerios)
  4. A “special” toy used for training reward (Tug toy, Faux Animal, Squeaky Toy)
  5. Cool clothing and athletic shoes

Equipment – (3) Jumps, Tunnel, Teter, Weave Poles, Dog Walk, Pause Table/Mat

The first hour will be a combination of equipment re-introduction and short sequences progressing to a full course where every obstacle is attempted. There will be multiple opportunities for each student to attempt the full course with tips and instruction that will aide in helping them achieve completing all of the obstacles in the sequence.

For more information about the instructor, Matt Towmbly, visit

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