Anthropomorphic portraits of pets

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From the Löwenmensch figurine to the portrait series of Dogs Playing Poker anthropomorphic objects have revealed themselves in different ways throughout the history of art.

We have anthropomorphized animals in our fairy tales, embraced their kitschy appeal in marketing, and displayed our love for them on paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, ceramics, and bronzes.  Let’s face it we think our pets are great.  So why not show our love by creating a one-of-a-kind pet portrait.

Acme Canine found quite a few companies that offer this service, but our favorite is GetPetPortrait.

They seem to have the entire system down from ease of ordering to a quality product arriving in a very short time.

How it works

There are only 3 steps to obtain your pet portrait.

  1. Choose the portrait style you like, you can navigate collections by Male Pet, Female Pet, Historical, Modern or Double portraits.
  2. Choose the size of the canvas you prefer
  3. Upload your pet image – choose your file- from your Desktop / mobile drive or from your social accounts (Facebook / Instagram)

It’s that simple!

Acme Canine chose the Pet-Prom portrait style for our two cats, Waffles and Thor, but you can have up to four pets in a portrait.  Then we decided on one of their larger size prints so we could see all the details on the canvas.

Using the GetPetPortrait photo guidelines (Take your pet’s photo at eye level, Make sure your pet’s entire head is in the picture, Make sure the photo is taken in good lighting, and Make sure the photo is not blurry.) we selected one of our favorite photos of the cats.

We uploaded the image and sent it away to the GetPetPortrait team of highly skilled artist-designers to use their editing techniques to create the canvas print.

About a day later we received an email to preview the print.  We asked that they reverse the cat order on the print and again received another email with the revised print.  Note: Only after your approval will GetPetPortrait send it to print.

Our portrait would cost $65.95 + $8.95 for shipping.  We felt this was very comparable to the Canvas printing companies for photographs.

We received the print in 4 days.  Shipping in the US usually takes 2-5 days and for other countries, it may take up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

What we found

The print arrived very well packed and was in ideal condition.

It looks exactly like our cats. Great resolution and their heads are perfectly photoshopped onto the bodies as if they were wearing the costumes.

The canvas itself is a high-quality product.  The material is thick, so you don’t feel like you’d pop a hole in the print accidentally.

There’s a satisfaction guarantee

GetPetPortrait insists that you love everything you buy from them and so they stand by their products.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Acme Canine gives GetPetPortrait 5 paws out of 5 for their quality of the product, company integrity, and ease of use.  We think they’re an amazing company and have added them to our Acme Approved list of products.

To make your first purchase even sweeter, GetPetPortrait offers 15% off

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