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by Terry Carano,

Most of us feel like our dogs are family and we all probably have a natural impulse sometimes to use human products on our dogs.  But, is it a good idea to use human products on dogs?  Should you give your dog a human painkiller or use your shampoo on your dog?  In general, the answer is no, but there are a few exceptions.

Arbonne is a human personal care and nutrition company that has some pretty demanding standards.  These 33 year old standards include: never testing on animals, certified vegan, gluten free,  GMO free, plant based, natural products, no mineral oil or other hormone disruptors such as PABA, parabens… (Please just email me for a complete listing)

So many of us Arbonne users found several products support our pets’ needs too!

Sharing just two products that pet owners love.

ABC Baby Wash– Pets love it.  Non-irritating to eyes, perfect for sensitive skin not harsh or drying and leaves a beautiful coat.  Also perfect for any human, baby to adult!

FC5 Skin Conditioning Oil- WOW, what a powerhouse of oils from avocado, jojoba oil, olive oil and more.  Perfect for paws especially if dry and cracked.  Also add a bit behind the ears or anywhere your pet has been scratching due to dryness or other irritation.  Just like for humans; nontoxic so even if licked; no worries!  Humans love it for dry, chapped skin or skin healing for a wound or cut; apply a bit to fingertips and get rid of fly away hair too!

There are more I can offer as suggestions like our joint formula; amazing with arthritis!  just email me or visit my website for more  information.  I am offering a special offer to those who mention they read this article.

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