Are Coyotes Vests Necessary for Your Dog?

Coyotes vests are necessary for dogs living or traveling among coyotes! They provide your dog with protection when you are absent, and a coyote shows up.

By Guest Blogger, Laurel Tied

Coyotes are quickly becoming a menace to small animals, mainly medium to small dog breeds. People have reported coyote attacks even on bigger dogs, and these attacks have caused the need for protective accessories for your dog. These attacks can happen while hiking, camping, or even in your own backyard. Coyotes are shy of humans, and so your pet is relatively safe when you are close. But what happens when you are absent, and a coyote shows up?

It is almost impossible to always be present to protect your dog, as that can become a full-time job of dog sitting. For this reason, there is now a protective vest for your dog. Nothing can guarantee total protection, but the coyote vest gives a high level of security and is very efficient and easy to use.

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What Are Coyote Vests?

Coyote vests come in several bright colors like yellow, red, green, and pink. These colors are reflective, and coyotes naturally avoid them. The coyote vest is made from Kevlar material, which is bite resistant and protects the neck, back, and sides. These are the significant parts that coyotes attack when trying to prey on another animal, and the vests give total protection to these parts.

The vest also comes with spikes that make small dogs look bigger than they are and more threatening. This advantage keeps the coyote confused at your new and strange-looking animal, and like other wild animals, coyotes will never attack animals when they are unsure of what the animals are or what they can do.

Coyote vests also come with cool accessories like the spike collar that protects your dog’s neck from attacks even from bigger dogs and a zapper that sends a jolt of electricity to a persistent attacker or predator. These give your dog protection against predators like coyotes and bigger dogs wherever you are that may want to bully yours.

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Benefits of a Coyote Vest

  • It is comfortable, lightweight, and will not weigh your small dog down when it is playing, walking, or hiking. It comes in several sizes, the material is light, and so it fits your dog like clothing materials and gives all the protection it needs.
  • Coyote vests are easy to use. The fittings are straightforward and easy to use. You do not need to fix it repeatedly or adjust.
  • Compared with your dog’s life, these vests are affordable. You can also use them repeatedly over a long period; therefore, they are durable.
  • Their bright colors make your animal look stylish and fashionable while protecting it from attacks and giving it a more menacing look to predators.

Every dog, especially small dogs, that live or travel to a coyote infested environment, should have a coyote vest. You can never be overly prepared or careful, so give your dog the best protection that there is by investing in a coyote vest.

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