Barking Dogs

Dogs bark for many reasons: to alert you that someone is at the door or walking by; to get your attention; they hear other dogs barking; they were startled or heard a loud noise; when they are nervous, anxious, or frustrated; to invoke play; or to send a warning to others. Barking is a natural behavior for a dog and helps them convey what they are thinking and feeling at any given time.

Dog owners all over the world will tell you that while some barking is alright, excessive barking can be frustrating, annoying, and downright rude. Dogs do not realize that we do not appreciate excessive barking. They feel that their barking is justified and necessary for each specific incident.

Although we do not want to completely stop a dog from barking, teaching him when to stop barking can prove to be invaluable. This can be accomplished through behavior modification and obedience training. Barking and other behavioral issues can be addressed through our one-on-one sessions or in our residency camps.

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