Best Breeds For Smaller Apartments: The Top 5 Teacup Dog Breeds

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Teacups dogs are a craze that has been around for many years. These tiny dogs are perfect for anyone who wants a dog for a small space.

Teacups dogs are a craze that has been around for many years. Caring for such a small dog is the same as caring for a regular dog, although there can be some issues such as fragile bones.

These tiny dogs are perfect for anyone who wants a dog for a small space. The teacup breed provides all the companionship that any dog has to offer in a pocket-size.

Teacup Pomeranian

These tiny dogs might be small in size, but they are courageous in alerting their owners to dangers. Finding a teacup Pomeranian for sale in Singapore is as simple as an internet search.

The Pomeranian teacup is amongst the most popular teacup breed because of its unique personality that requires very little attention, although you will need regular parlor care. These dogs are perfect for older children or a young couple.

Miniature Maltese Poodle

The Maltese are among the most incredible bread for families as they are known to have the biggest hearts and want the most cuddles and love. Although they need a lot of love and attention, they don’t require as much exercise as many other breeds of the same size.

The miniature version of this breed is closely comparable to a living teddy bear; they are undeniably adorable.

Miniature Shih Tzu

These dogs are perfect for keeping if you have other dogs or pets on your property. They are among the friendliest of the teacup breeds and have an endless need for attention when playing and running.

If you have an active child, the Shih Tzu is the perfect breed as they can provide a companion and a unique new responsibility for a child. With regular grooming, you can have a cuteness champion in your pocket.


Even though these dogs are among the most miniature teacup breeds and have broken records to prove it, their tiny stature is likely due to the primary breed’s already small size; Yorkies are among the most miniature small-breed dogs. The Morkie is a noisy dog, but it makes up for that in affection and the ability to trust people very quickly. You’ll adore raising a Morkie.

They will, however, require regular grooming as they are prone to getting tangled fur more than most dog breeds.

Teacup Chihuahua

When it comes to loyalty in the teacup category, the teacup Chihuahua is by far the most loyal of them all. They will not like to be alone as they are incredibly affectionate and need constant love and attention, even if it means sitting on your lap the whole day while you watch movies.

The teacup Chihuahua has an excellent reputation as they are very skeptical of strangers but don’t usually attack, which makes them great for older children.

The average size of a teacup dog is no bigger than 17 inches and weighs no about 2 pounds. When deciding to get a teacup dog, you will need to treat this puppy as you would a human baby, as it can easily get lost behind cupboards or fridges.

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