Best Games to Play with your Dog at Home during Quarantine

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The pandemic has brought with itself restrictions and boundaries, so a customized game plan for you and your dog can re-energize both of you during this time.

The pandemic has brought with itself restrictions and boundaries. The fundamental nature of man and animal is socializing. We are wired to live together and develop relationships, both among our species and other beings. Hence, collective abhorrence for ostracization is a common denominator for all beings.

In social distancing, it gets difficult for us and our pets to cope with seclusion. This seclusion could affect us in various forms. These include depression, lethargy, unproductive nature, and irritation. We explore ways to tackle these unwanted emotions that distort our daily lives. If one has a pet, it’s their duty to pull themselves out of the mud and ensure the well-being of their pet. The best way for both the master and the pet to eliminate negative elements is through recreation. This also helps in bonding, and the same is true for bonding with other family members also. Children tend to bond with the pet over playtime, and the same goes for the pet as well.

Recreation is the best treatment for overcoming a distressing phase. Therefore, a customized game plan for you and your dog can re-energize both for the challenges ahead and strengthen the unbreakable bond that you have with your pet. The game plan includes a set of 10 games that you might enjoy with your pet.

The Treasure Hunt

Dogs are known for their remarkable ability concerning the sense of smell. So a simple game that puts their noteworthy ability to the test is the best form of recreation. When we perform something we are good at and are rewarded for it, the sense of achievement motivates us to be happy. The same is true for dogs. To play this game, one needs to collect a few small boxes or containers and arrange them upside down. Place a prize such as their favorite toy or food underneath one of the boxes and encourage your pup to sniff around those boxes. When the dog accurately identifies under which container you placed the treat, please take note that they are congratulated and, of course, rewarded with the hidden treasure.


This game is amongst the most popular and traditional games played with doges. Mainly because, as a species, they seem to be good at it and seem to love it. Many dog breeds are known for their ability to find and retrieve. The golden retriever is one such example where a breed is named after this. Save your television, home appliances and ensure carpeting as a precaution while playing this fantastic game. However, certain precautions need to be taken. These include the object that is being thrown to fetch should be dog friendly, the surface on which the dog runs should not be rocky to an extent such that it injures his feet. The game must not be overplayed such that the dog develops a feeling of boredom or dismay towards the activity.

The Traditional Hide and Seek

Every individual as a child has played and loved this game in their early days. There is no reason to believe why you cannot renew childhood with our dogs. After all, we can act childish and be ourselves right in front of them without any judgment. To ensure that this game is successful, your dog will have to understand the nuances of specific fundamental commands, such as sit, stay, and come. You are to lead them to a room and ask them to stay, then leave and hide in a different location than the dog is at least familiar to a reasonable extent. At a point in time when you have hidden, you must call them out cheerfully for them to be encouraged to come and find you. Celebrate the significant accomplishment with great pomp and show when they’ve figured out where you are.

Play-Wild Sits

It is a fun exercise if played with the right spirit. While your dog is on a leash moving here and there, you must rile them up as much as possible. They should be in a state of charge consistently while you act hyperactive. There are multiple ways to rile, such as; you can run around cheering, jumping up and down, or cling to utensils or anything to get your pup as excited as possible. Then, mid-romp, you shall instruct your dog to sit. The command must be quick and sudden. This might take some practice, depending on your dog’s hyper-activeness, but after a few attempts, your dog should be accustomed to go from a state of excitement to sitting patiently at the command of the parent. This game is amusing to the human eye and is an efficient chemistry-building exercise between you and your dog.

The Fun Obstacle Course 

This is an easy exercise because you can take advantage of everyday household objects used in our day-to-day lives and design the course as simple or complex, depending upon your will and your dog’s capabilities. You could also use broken-down boxes for your dog to crawl through or place an array of chairs for them to navigate and even stack a bundle of books to jump over and have fun. The obstacles must be set by the athletic ability and physique of the dog. The nature of objects also follows this should be safe such that a collision must not harm the dog. It would be best to sanitize the objects used, and none of them must have sharp physical properties. Use of any object that possesses metal must be avoided at all costs.

The Twisted Cardio

This is a training game that you can play with your dog, regardless of whether or not you’re training for the competition ring or just casually. You have the liberty to set up poles using household objects, such as chairs or even friends and family, and command your dog to heel. You have the option to change your pace from fast to slow, which in turn would encourage your dog to concentrate while you change direction. This exercise is good for your dog’s heart, digestion, and metabolism. Further, it enhances their physical capabilities to explore and examine what more the dog can perform. More often than not, parents discover a new trick or turn that their dog can achieve while doing twisted cardio.

The Training Platform

The best way to make sure that your pup is positively busy while inside the house is to engage them with a training platform and agility system. The system is highly flexible and adjustable, easy to configure or customize as per your needs, and can be modified by your own dog’s specifications. It is waterproof, and it is also designed to used outside. The setup is easily accessible in the general market and is available at affordable prices.

Training for Obedience

When we speak of basic commands, an obedience training session is the most productive way to keep your pet occupied. It can fulfill multiple objectives, such as enhancing your dog’s skills for competitions or simply making sure your dog can listen and positively respond to you. This exercise enriches the parent pet bond and creates a sensation of oneness due to established coordination. This is not only socially appreciated and loved but also falls in favor of the dog’s wellbeing.

Toys and Fun

You can skill your dog with the nomenclature of toys so that they can identify them by sound. You can choose one of their favorite toys and giving it a name. Once you have a reputation for that toy, you have to shout the name of the toy when you begin to play with your dog.

Tug of War

Dogs that love a game of tug, playing tug of war can be a great way of not only allowing a quick exercise indoors but teaching them self-control. When rules are enforced to ensure that the play in question is controlled and does not go wild, it teaches the dog restraint. This restraint is vital for any pet to practice to ensure the parents’ safety and their guests.

Taking good care of our beloved pets is not an easy task. They are heavily dependent and require perpetual nurturing and care. In the pandemic, we are unsure of the most efficient ways to take care of ourselves. Clubbed with that, we have the stress to ensure our pet’s health too. The games, as mentioned above, are just distractions and ways to enhance the activity for the pet and the pet parent. However, it is not the solution. When medical professionals are unavailable and health infrastructure is burdened worldwide, there arises a dire need for services that ensure contacts with the most reliable Veterinarians.

Final Thought

Constant professional assistance can relieve the stress off you and ensure your pet’s health in these troubled times. There exist multiple sources to gain contacts; one of those reliable sources is is an exclusive platform to help match pet parents to the top veterinarians in their area. They offer contacts of the best veterinarian all across the United States to ensure that pet parents and pets are under professional care with the assurance of quality and transparency. Just by inputting the zip code, you can see the vets available in that area.

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