The 7 Best Yak Chews On the Market

Are you looking for a safe, natural, rawhide alternative for your dog to chew away on for hours on end? We’d like to introduce you to the Himalayan yak chew! This extremely underrated dog chew is not only rich in nutrients, but it improves dental health, reduces destructive chewing, and provides gum relief for teething puppies.

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Our Thoughts on the Best Himalyan Yak Chews

We’ve rounded up 7 of the best yak chews on the market, so you can choose from the best of the best when it comes to these fully digestible treats!

What Are Himalayan Yak Chews?

If you’ve never heard of Himalayan yak chews, then you probably don’t know that these long-lasting “bones” are made of three ingredients: Himalayan yak milk, salt, and lime. That’s it! These dog chews get their name because they are made in the Himalayas and are an entirely natural dog treat. See our deep dive on yak chews for more.

Additional benefits of natural Himalayan yak chews include:

  • Free of chemicals, preservatives, or additives
  • Gluten-free and lactose-free
  • Perfect for aggressive chewers
  • No odor
  • No stains
  • Safe for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds
    • But make sure your dog doesn’t have tooth issues – yak chews are hard. You can soften it with some microwaving or immersion in water to soften them.
  • Provide gum relief for teething puppies
  • Come in a variety of sizes, flavors, and quantities
  • Microwavable for a softer chew
  • Provides stress and anxiety relief

Who Are Himalayan Dog Chews Best For?

If your dog is a serious chewer, then Himalayan yak chews are an ideal match for them. While many dog bones marketed towards “tough chewers” will be gone in seconds, Himalayan yak chews can give even the toughest chewers hours to weeks of chewing time (depending on their chewing habits!).

7 Best Himalayan Yak Chews on the Market

Now that we know just some of the wonderful benefits that come along with letting your pup snack on Himalayan yak milk let’s take a look at what the best chews on the market have to offer.

1.   Native Pet Yak Chews

Yak Chews

Native Pet’s certified organic yak chews contain four all-natural ingredients and were created in collaboration by a vet and animal nutritionist. Native Pet has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their product or your money back, so there is no risk in trying your dog out with one of their yak chews.

Our Favorite Yak Chew
Native Pet Yak Chews

Native Pet Yak Chews are all certified organic ingredients sourced directly from the Himalayan foothills. They are durable and high in protein. Our dogs loved them.

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Acme Canine has tested Native Pet Yak Chews with several of our canine testers (including Callie, Penny, Autumn, & Willie) and we’ve found them to be our favorite yak chew on the market. You can read our full review here.

Available in packs of three to ten, Native Pet’s yak chews range in size from small to extra large and are gluten, grain, and lactose-free. Native Pet focuses on providing your pet with the highest quality organic supplements and also offer limited ingredients probiotics, pumpkin powder, and omega oil.

2.   EcoKind Premium Yak Cheese Chew

EcoKind Pet Treats Premium Gold Yak Chews
  • Chews are imported directly from Nepal
  • Made of 100% yak and cow’s milk
  • Varying sizes available so you can find the right package for you
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Himalayan yak chews are also commonly known as yak cheese. This is because the milk is boiled, resulting in a cheese that is dried and smoked for several months. EcoKind Premium Yak Cheese Chews are imported directly from Nepal and are made of 100% yak and cow’s milk. Ideal even for sensitive stomachs, the milk in these dog treats is processed to remove any traces of lactose, making them fully digestible by even the most sensitive stomachs.

Another great thing about the EcoKind Yak Cheese Chews is that they come in packs ranging from one stick to a 5 lb bag and in stick sizes small to extra large! You can pick the correct size for your pup based on EcoKind’s helpful yak chew size chart.

3.   peaksNpaws Yak Milk Dog Treats

peaksNpaws: Yak Milk Dog Treats for Aggressive Chewers
  • Some of the largest yak chews available
  • Burlap carrying pouch included
  • Great for aggressive chewers
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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a bone that will last for hours on end for even the biggest, toughest chewer. peaksNpaws Yak Milk Dog Treats go beyond the X-Large of most yak treats and offer a massive 8 oz, “jumbo” size.

While peaksNpaws specializes in yak chews for larger dogs, they still offer a much more modest 1-2 oz chew for the smaller pups out there. These yak chews all come in jute bags to eliminate the chances of mold, as seen by some other major brands. Handmade by farmers, you can expect only the highest quality with these premium dog treats.

4.   Himalayan Pet Supply Himalayan Dog Chew

Himalayan Dog Chew Original Yak Cheese Dog Chews - Peanut Butter Flavor
  • Great budget option for yak chews
  • Individual packaging makes getting started easy
  • Sourced from a 3rd generation farm in Washington State
  • Grain-free & lactose free
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Do you like the idea of a Himalayan dog chew but find that your pup isn’t super interested in them? Try one with peanut butter! This 100% natural dog chew by Himalayan Pet Supply contains real peanut bits in addition to handcrafted cheese.

These lactose, gluten, and grain-free yak chews are made in collaboration with a third-generation dairy farm in Washington state. They come in sizes small (15 lbs and under) to x-large (over 55 lbs) in packs of one. If your dog is more of a meat lover, you can also try their same all-natural formula made with real bacon!

5.   Himalayan Dog Chew Happy Teeth

Himalayan Dog Chew Happy Teeth Yak Cheese Spinach Dog Dental Chew
  • Made from all natural yak cheese, sourced in the Himalayas
  • Contains spinach for color and flavor
  • Loofah structure helps clean teeth
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While all yak chews are considered a great addition to your dog’s oral health routine, some pups may need extra help. That’s why we’ve included a second Himalayan yak chew from the Himalayan Dog Chew Store! These dog chews are much softer than a standard yak chew and are created in a spongy texture to help clean between teeth.

The Happy Teeth dog chew contains natural minerals and enzymes to help grow strong teeth and keep them clean. These coconut and spinach-enriched dog treats come in packs of two and are best suited to dogs under 20 lbs.

6.   Downtown Pet Supply Monster Yak Cheese Himalayan Dog Chew

Monster Yak Cheese Himalayan Dog Chews
  • The largest yak chew available on the market
  • Rich in Omega 3, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Vitamin D
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If you’re looking for arguably the most enormous yak chew on the market, look no further than Downtown Pet Supply’s Monster Yak Cheese Chew. At a whopping 9-12 ounces for a monster yak, these premium dog chews can last up to a month for the biggest, toughest chewers. The XL Monster Yak Cheese Chew is available in packs of one to three, with the three-pack being excellent value (it saves you about $15!).

7.   Yeti Refill Nuggets By Yeti Dog Chew Store

Yeti Himalayan Yak Cheese Refill Nuggets
  • Bite-size snacks for microwaving
  • Fits with yeti treat dispensers & other puzzle toys
  • No preservatives, gluten free, grain free, lactose free, low fat, minimal odor, non-staining
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Last but not least, we have the puff and play Yeti Refill Nuggets by the Yeti Dog Treat Store. While all yak treats can be thrown in the microwave once they reach a smaller size (as long as they’re all natural!), these are already sold in smaller bite sizes. This means you can puff them up in the microwave and give them to your dog as a snack, or you can purchase one of their yeti treat dispensers as an interactive toy! Genius!

Please Note – Don’t feed your dogs these nuggets without microwaving them for at least 30 seconds. They can cause a blockage.

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