BEWARE: your dog’s behavior might change when you move to a new home

Moving to a new home is stressful on everyone! Humans starting new jobs and having to take care of the details of getting furniture and people moved. Moves can be stressful for us dogs too!

Key Takeaways:

  • Dog behavior often changes when dogs move into a new place. Dogs can also pick up and reflect their human’s anxiety.
  • Help your dog out by keeping their routine the same and providing some items with scents they are already familiar with (like an old t-shirt.).
  • Make sure to spend extra time with your dog in their new home so they feel safe and secure.

By Guest Dog Blogger, Penny

Our dog behavior can change.  We can become unsure about the new environment and we might act out. If you feel anxious about the move, some of us dogs will read that and become over anxious. If you are stressed and have little time for us, we might try to get your attention by chewing or barking, or my favorite pee on the floor. If you seem unsure in a new house, we might try to claim territory in that new house so we feel more comfortable.

Don’t let this worry you. There are tons of things you can do to help the situation like providing a dog friendly space. If we are acting out, the biggest thing you can do to make us feel better is continue to be consistent in our routine. You can also bring some of our favorite items with scents we already are familiar with to the new home so we know this is our place. Give us time to sniff around the house and the yard if there is one. Our noses are how we will become familiar with the new place and feel at home.

Remember, we are in a new place, so spend time with us so we feel secure, work commands with us so we have familiar patterns and please keep us safe. You know some of us dogs are curious and if the door is open, we might find ourselves lost in a new neighborhood.

The most important thing is to be patient with us as we adjust and to keep loving us. In fact, we’d like some extra loving during the moving process! 🙂

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To all my dog friends who are moving, don’t worry, your parents will take great care of you!

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