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BOLO Broth is a holistically crafted, healthy solution for picky eaters. And a great source of protein, antioxidants, electrolytes, and more.

Picky eaters?

BOLO Broth enhances pet food with a unique combination of whole superfoods and serious functional supplements while still acting as a “comfort food” for dogs.   Just add water and BOLO Broth instantly makes broth or gravy in the bowl or by the jug.  It is formulated to make food more palatable, enticing even the pickiest eaters to finish their meals.

BOLO Broth is a holistic powdered mix that combines instantly with water to make a healthy standalone energy broth or a rich gravy that transforms any pet food into a healthier, more digestible, and more delicious meal.  BOLO Broth works with dry kibble, freeze-dried dog foods, frozen raw diets, and homemade dog diets.  It can be a food topper, but it is best mixed with water to create a broth.  The powder dissolves readily is stored (refrigerated), and effortlessly combines with dry dog food.

Improves dog’s joint health

The debut formula is called “Good MoveTM because it is formulated to improve bone and joint health for greater mobility. It features goat’s milk, bone broth, bioactive turmeric, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate.

BOLO Broth Good Move’s advanced Turmeric and Curcumin Complex is formulated by holistic veterinarians as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement with nutraceutical “booster ingredients” for superior bioavailability.  Systemic inflammation is associated with arthritis, dental disease, cognitive decline, and many other ailments; Bolo Broth fights inflammation naturally, as opposed to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) that have been associated with side effects when used for long term treatment.

Quality ingredients

BOLO Broth is formulated to ensure that not only does it deliver the micronutrients required to support the targeted health benefits (such as mobility or skin and coat health), but each formulation also delivers daily antioxidants and Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Digestive Enzymes to enhance gut health and feed the microbiome, for superior nutrient absorption, and treatment and prevention of digestive ailments including IBD (irritable bowel syndrome). A healthy gut microbiome is also essential to a robust immune system.

All ingredients in Bolo Broth have Certificates of Analysis and conform to the requirements by SQFI (Safe Quality Food Institute) for approved vendors. The product is manufactured in the USA and made in an SQF certified and USDA APHIS-certified facility.

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