DOG TRICK: Bone game for dogs

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By Guest Dog Blogger, Spike

Hi all, Spike here

Today I thought I’d teach you an easy trick which can be the foundation for a variety of other tricks.  It’s called give paw or shake.  I like it because there’s food involved (and it can be fun).

To start the trick your dog will need to know how to sit.

Next you will need to assume your dog is a rightie.  The majority of dogs like people are right side dominant. Both Woofie and I are righties.

Put a treat in your right hand, show it to your dog and move it slowly to your right.  Your dog will lean to its left causing its right paw to raise up.  After several attempts and treating, take your dog’s right paw and praise with “Good Shake.”

If your dog doesn’t understand what to do, be patient, it takes 150 repetitions for a dog to retain something in its short term memory.

As your dog gets better it’s time to wean off the treats and just extend your hand while saying “Shake” and your dog now has a new trick!

Over time you can build up to a variation of the shell game.  I call it the “bone” game.

Have your dog sit.  Then hide a treat in one hand (don’t show which hand you hid it in).

Now show your dog both hands and ask, “Which one has your bone?”  Your dog will most likely nose the hand with the treat first but don’t give the treat then.  Keep asking until your dog raises his paw and then give the treat.

Have fun!  I’m going to go and ask my owner to play this game right now.


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