BrewDog: the hoppiest place on earth and a super place for dogs

Columbus is now home to numerous dog-friendly restaurants and lodging options and among the list is BrewDog!

By Laura Pakis, Certified Dog Trainer and Professional Blogger

As dog-lovers, we know that while traveling is tremendous, the toughest part is leaving our canine family members at home. But things have changed recently in Columbus thanks to Governor Kasich signing a bill allowing restaurants to permit dogs in outdoor eating areas.

Columbus is now home to numerous dog-friendly restaurants and lodging options and among the list is BrewDog!

Located in the outskirts of Canal Winchester, BrewDog is the perfect spot to bring your canine companion.  From it’s dog park to dog-friendly rooms to stay in at its new 50-room hotel, the DogHouse, you can be sure all will have a great time while there.

I just returned from an overnight with my hubby on Wednesday.  We arrived around 3pm (check in time at the hotel) and already several dog/owner pairs were enjoying the dog park.  We stopped to watch the dogs enjoying the area, catching balls and running through the large tires in the dog park.  Some had just come to check out BrewDog, a couple were “regulars.”

At check in the bartender told us the rooms on the first floor are the highly sought-after dog-friendly rooms.  They have a patio leading out to the grass, but don’t overlook the fermentation room as do the rooms on the second and third floors.  These rooms book fast so if you want to share one with your dog, make reservations early.

The entire business is pretty dog-friendly. Dog owners can have their dogs in the lobby on leash as well as in the patio area.  Staff takes time to provide water for the dogs and sometimes will give a pet or kind word as they go about their work.

After having our beer, we headed up to the room (ours was on the second floor since our dogs weren’t with us on this trip). 

The rooms are cozy and industrial in design.  Each highlights one of the BrewDog beers.  Ours was, Sink the Bismarck.  There are some unique features in the room.  Not only do you have a beer on tap, but there is a mini fridge filled with BrewDog beers and, our favorite, a Shower Beer fridge in the bathroom.  Floors are cement so no problems for the staff keeping the place clean, even if dogs were in your room.

After settling in we headed down to the restaurant.

The food menu is limited, but tasty, and portions are large; appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and pizza; upper scale bar food. We opted for the cauliflower wings and weren’t disappointed.   Our waitress was knowledgeable on beers and recommended Lost Lager for my husband who really isn’t into the craft beer craze.  I had their new milk stout, Aloha.  We both felt our selections were super.

If you love dogs, you just can’t beat the atmosphere.

We noticed about 8 happy, well behaved dogs and it was 5:30pm on a Wednesday.

I was able to talk with a few of their owners.  Surprisingly many were returning from Hocking Hills and stopped at BrewDog since it was known to be dog-friendly.

It was, Cooper, the lab’s first excursion to a hotel and restaurant.  Although all new to him, he was happy to greet visitors and wiggle his butt in excitement.

Theo, a Bernadoodle, came to relax after hiking while his owners came to meet their sister and Theo’s cousin and have a beer and snacks.

Katy (as in Katydid) was all smiles when I talked with her owner.  He takes Katy to work and usually goes to Gresso’s with Katy but decided to check out BrewDog.  Katy was pleased to receive fresh water and friendly conversation from the staff.

All owners were very pleased with the acceptance of dogs and the kind gestures to their dogs from both patrons and staff.

I have to say even without our dogs we had a very relaxing and enjoyable time at BrewDogs, but next time we hit the road, we’ll grab the leashes and our well-mannered dogs.


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