Building a better bond with your dog

Building a better bond with your dog isn’t just a catchphrase but rather a communication tool between you and your dog, as well as a relaxed relationship.

by Laura Pakis, Cynologist, and Blogger,

While enjoying my usual summer morning routine of sitting on the porch sipping my coffee while Autumn and Spike laid peacefully on the driveway watching the world pass by, it became clear to me how to explain what we mean when we say “a better lifelong bond with your dog.”  Autumn and Spike were exemplifying it.

While lying in the morning sun, they would turn their heads and acknowledge my presence.  Then go back to chewing on the Nylabone they had picked up when we came outside.

I am not afraid they will take off running after a squirrel and not respond to my request to return to me.  Nor do I think them too stubborn or too dumb to handle commands or requests that I give them.  Our bond is strong enough that they want to know where I am no matter how intriguing their surroundings are.  And because of this bond we have, I am not frustrated with them.   I can communicate to them what I want from them, and they respond because we have mutual respect.

I’m not a dog whisperer, but I have established a bond with my dogs.

Here is a guest blog to explain how to develop this bond with your dog.

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