Can you fit a large dog into a Stroller?

To some people, getting a dog stroller may sound like a silly thing, but the truth of the matter is that strollers can be very useful for you and your buddy.

If your dog cannot keep up with their normal exercise routine because of illness, age or other reasons, they can still enjoy the fresh air and sunshine by using a stroller. Today, dog strollers have become the new must-have dog accessory.

Reasons to Get a Dog Stroller

Dog strollers have become quite popular among pet owners. Below are a few reasons to get one for your dog.

  • Protect their paws – During the summer, pavements are very hot and can feel like hot coals to your dog. Similarly, in the winter, dogs have to deal with frozen snow on roads and sidewalks. A dog stroller can help protect their feet.
  • Help senior dogs to move – Most dogs become less active and have difficulty walking when they age.
  • Help injured dogs – If your dog is injured or disabled, you can use a stroller to help them walk again and get some fresh air and sunshine.
  • Help overweight dogs – As you try to get your pet back into good shape, a dog stroller can help keep their moods high and brains active.
  • A place to rest– A pet stroller can be a good spot for resting. When the dog is tired or fatigued, you can use a stroller as a quiet resting spot.
  • Good for anxious dogs – If your dog is afraid of people, loud noises, cars, or being in unfamiliar places, you can use a dog stroller to help them overcome their fear.

Do Large Dogs Need Strollers?

In most cases, when people think about dog strollers, they usually think of small dogs and puppies that might tire during a walk. However, large dogs too can experience some problems which can make it difficult for them to move. And for the likes of Great Dane and German Shepherds, hefting them from one location to another would need some serious muscle.

By using a stroller, you can take a big dog who is having difficulty walking out for a walk so they too can get some sunshine and fresh air. The change of scenery can also speed up their recovery.

Strollers for Large Dogs

There are many large dog strollers that can comfortably fit your medium to large size dog and help you move them from one place to another. These strollers can hold up to 150 pounds and are available both in pet stores and online. They are quite bulky and roomy, allowing you to fit two or more small/medium size dogs. Ipetcompanion’s guide provides a list of the best strollers and other great products for your best friend.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stroller for a Large Dog

  • Weight limit – Look up the weight limit of the stroller before you buy it because it could be a large size stroller with a small weight limit
  • Durability – After spending so much time and money on a dog stroller, you don’t want to start the same process again in a few months. Therefore, buy a stroller that can withstand the test of time.
  • Wheel type – Depending on the terrain that you’ll be using it on as well as the weight of the dog, choose the best type of wheel for your dog. Make a choice between air-filled tires, EVA tires, and plastic tires. Also, consider whether you want a 3-wheel or 4-wheel model.

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