The Ins and Outs of a Big Dog Stroller: Will Your Large Dog Fit?

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To some people, getting a dog stroller may sound like a silly thing, but the truth of the matter is that strollers can be very useful for you and your buddy.

If your dog cannot keep up with their normal exercise routine because of illness, age or other reasons, they can still enjoy the fresh air and sunshine by using a stroller. Today, dog strollers have become the new must-have dog accessory, and they aren’t limited to small dogs either. You can also find a big dog stroller for your larger fur babies.

Yes. Dog strollers are suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

Reasons to Get a Dog Stroller

Dog strollers have become quite popular among pet owners. Below are a few reasons to get one for your dog, no matter their size.

  • Protect their paws – During the summer, pavements are very hot and can feel like hot coals to your dog. Similarly, dogs have to deal with frozen snow on roads and sidewalks in the winter. A dog stroller can help protect their feet.
  • Help senior dogs move – Most dogs become less active and have difficulty walking when they age.
  • Help injured dogs – If your dog is injured or disabled, you can use a stroller to help them walk again and get some fresh air and sunshine.
  • Help overweight dogs – As you try to get your pet back into good shape, a dog stroller can help keep their moods high and brains active.
  • A place to rest– A pet stroller can be a good spot for resting. When the dog is fatigued, you can use a stroller as a quiet resting spot.
  • Good for anxious dogs – If your dog is afraid of people, loud noises, cars, or being in unfamiliar places, you can use a dog stroller to help them overcome their fear.

Do Large Dogs Need Strollers?

When people think about dog strollers, they usually think of small dogs and puppies that might tire during a walk. However, large dogs too can experience the same problems, making it difficult for them to move.


And for the likes of Great Dane and German Shepherd dogs, hefting them from one location to another would need some serious muscle.

By using a big dog stroller, you can take a larger dog who is having difficulty walking out for a walk so they too can get some sunshine and fresh air. The change of scenery can also speed up their recovery.

Big Dog Stroller Options

Many large dog strollers can comfortably fit your medium to large dog and help you move them from one place to another. These strollers can hold up to 150 pounds and are available in pet stores and online. A big dog stroller can be quite bulky and roomy, allowing you to fit two or more small/medium size dogs.

What are the top dog strollers for larger dogs? Read on below for a few of our top recommendations.

Pet Gear Expedition – Best Pick Overall

Pet Gear Expedition

The Pet Gear Expedition dog stroller is made for larger dogs. It features no zip technology and opens from the front or rear of the stroller with just a quick push of a button. We found this to be a pretty convenient feature. This stroller is also designed to be lower to the ground, which is a bonus for older dogs and those who may be injured.

The low profile makes it much easier for your dog to get in and out. There are also mesh doors or panels on each side, the front, and the stroller’s rear to allow for optimal airflow. If you want a rain cover, you can purchase one separately and add it on.

The Pet Gear Expedition also doesn’t skimp on safety. It includes a foot brake and has a leash attached to the inside of the pet compartment, keeping larger dogs safe and secure while you walk. The handlebar height is adjustable, and the interior pad of the stroller can be removed easily for cleaning.

This big pet stroller can accommodate a dog up to 150 pounds in weight.


  • Handles well, even when there is a 100+ pound dog as the passenger
  • Stroller folds easily for convenient storing
  • Adjustable handle allows you to achieve the right level of comfort
  • Lower profile and a spacious and protective interior compartment for your dog


  • May be difficult to fit some larger dog breeds, despite the 150-pound weight capacity. Great Pyrenees, for example, didn’t fit as expected
  • Plastic wheels are not durable and are only suitable on smooth and flat pavement. Should not be pushed on any other kind of terrain, or it won’t be a comfortable ride

We chose the Pet Gear stroller as our top pick overall for its low profile design, higher weight capacity, easy storage, and convenient no-zip technology. If you plan to walk on smooth paths and avoid rougher terrain, this can prove to be the best big dog stroller for you.

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer – Best for Biking and Walking

Pet Stroller and Trailer

If you are more of an adventurer and love to take your larger dog out on bike rides or a long walk, then the Best Choice 2-in-1 pet stroller and bicycle trailer should definitely be on your list. You can use it to take your big dog on a leisurely stroll or hitch it up to your bike for an exciting time outdoors biking.

The Best Choice dog stroller has a weight capacity of approximately 66 pounds, making it a suitable option for a larger dog breed. It comes with a hitch that you can use to attach it to your bike and still comes at a more than affordable price point.

The bicycle trailer has a 9.5-inch wheel on the front and two 19-inch wheels on the back. The wheels are durable and made of rubber. They can easily be inflated with a simple bike pump. The multiple mesh panels and doors you can find on the back, sides, and tops allow optimal airflow for your pup as you embark on each adventure.

This big dog stroller and bike trailer combo does not disappoint when it comes to safety. It has a visibility flag and reflective tiles on the front of the trailer. You can attach a leash to the interior compartment, and there is a hand lock brake system to keep your pup safe and secure for the duration of your time outdoors.


  • Affordable price point
  • Can be used when biking or walking, making it a more versatile option for many dog owners who love to enjoy the outdoors with their furry friend
  • Made with sturdy, durable, quality materials while remaining lightweight


  • Some feel that the floor of the interior compartment is too thin and does not adequately accommodate and support all dogs.
  • It can be a tight squeeze if you have a dog that is on the taller side or has longer legs

Overall, if you want a more versatile option so you can take your dog out for a walk or bike ride, then this is the best big dog stroller for you. It has a myriad of safety features and is breathable and durable. However, keep in mind that the maximum weight capacity is not as high as other options we have included on our list, so it might be a better option for a medium sized dog.

HPZ Pet Rover – Best for Travel

HPZ Pet Rover

If you travel a lot but need to ensure comfortable transportation for your large dog when you get to your destination, then the HPZ Pet Rover large dog stroller is a good option.


This second-generation model features upgraded fabrics, stronger hardware, and improved tires. The heavy-duty HPZ Pet Rover stroller has received several updates, making it a premium option for dog owners. It can be fully expanded to 35-inches long, so it can comfortably fit a large dog or multiple pets simultaneously. The total weight capacity of this big dog stroller is 75-pounds.

The maintenance-free, durable, and automotive-grade wheels are made with rubber. They reduce vibrations for a smooth walk and maximize stability. The front wheels also rotate 360-degrees and have swivel locks for rough terrain.

The rigid aluminum frame of this dog stroller is top of the line, lightweight, functional, and durable. The fabric used on the canopy is weather-resistant, waterproof, and scratchproof. The canopy is zipperless and allows for rear entry. The front expansion was designed to allow an additional five inches of space with a mesh cover for your pet.

The handlebar of this pet stroller is reversible, and the 3-stop canopy has different opening levels, maximizing visibility and access to your pet. They have also included a cup holder for your convenience and plenty of storage space for all your belongings. Folding the stroller is a breeze with one-step quick folding technology.

1 Step hand free quick fold


  • Upgraded model allows for more space and comfort for your dog
  • Frame and fabrics are all high-quality and durable and can protect your pet from harsh elements outdoors
  • A large zippered rear entry space allows your dog easy in and out access
  • The wheels of the stroller are covered by 3-year free replacement protection


  • Cup holder isn’t adequately sized. We found some drinks will wobble around and are not securely kept in place
  • Bulky and large and can take up a lot of cargo space when transported for walks

Overall, we thought the HPZ Pet Rover XL was a great option for our large dog for stroller rides because of the brand’s many upgrades to ensure comfort and convenience for bigger dogs. You have a more durable and spacious dog stroller option with the upgrades.

However, keep in mind that it is rather large and bulky and may take up more cargo space in your vehicle. So, if you plan on transporting it anywhere, you may want to measure how much space you have available.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Big Dog Stroller

Big Dog Stroller
  • Weight limit – Look up the weight limit of the stroller before you buy it because it could be a large size stroller with a small weight limit
  • Durability – After spending so much time and money on a dog stroller, you don’t want to start the same process again in a few months. Therefore, buy a stroller that can withstand the test of time.
  • Wheel type – Depending on the terrain that you’ll be using it on and the dog’s weight, choose the best type of wheel for your dog. Choose between air-filled tires, EVA tires, and plastic tires. Also, consider whether you want a 3-wheel or 4-wheel model.

How Much Weight Will the Best Dog Stroller Hold?

The weight capacity of the best dog stroller options are typically only around 25 pounds. When people think of dog strollers, they think they are designed for smaller dogs. However, you can find big dog stroller options on the market today that can accommodate dogs weighing in excess of 50 pounds or more.

How Do You Get Your Dog Used to a Pet Stroller?

When trying out your new dog stroller, gather up some treats and prepare your pup. Start by placing him in the dog stroller or luring him in with a tasty treat. Once your dog is inside the stroller, offer more treats and encourage him to stay and look around. You want your dog to associate the dog stroller with good things.

And there you have it. Yes, larger dogs can fit into a dog stroller, and we have even offered our top three recommendations for the best based on our experience and the experience of others who have larger dogs.

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