Canine Christmas Gift List 2021

Disclosure: Our recommendations are based on our testing, research and analysis. We may earn a commission on products purchased using links on this page.

Whether you’re a dog lover or just a loving pet parent, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most unique gifts for your little furry friends.

(this list was first published in 2017 and has been updated)

By Guest Bloggers Miss Moneypenny and Autumn,

While you’re shopping for all your favorite people, don’t forget us, your four-legged friends — after all, a dog’s love is unconditional, and not just during the holidays. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the regular treats for Rover or looking for that special dog toy, we believe one of these gifts will surely make them merry. Here’s our list:

For the Beer Connoisseur

If you are a beer drinker, why drink alone when your dog can join you.  For about $30, you can buy Bowser Beer.  Although we personally have not tried it, the dogs that have absolutely love it!  Most of their owners just poured the beer in their dog’s bowl (it’s non-alcoholic), while others were more creative and poured it over their dog’s food.

Another beer-related treat is Beer Biscuits.  This high protein, high fiber, low-fat dog biscuit is made from spent brewers’ grain.

Rather not have a furry drinking partner, consider buying a Brew Dog gift card for yourself.

For the outdoorsy dog

Consider a dog backpack.  The pack is lightweight enough for day hikes or longer backpacking trips yet roomy enough to carry everything your dog needs.  We thought some of the better features included adjustable, detachable panniers, webbing gear loops, an opening for poo bags, and sectioned interior compartments to keep your dog’s load stable.

For the chowhound

We found Pettreater to be one of the better dog subscription box services.  As much as we like treats, we found both of us were getting a little round from testing the different monthly subscription dog boxes.  Pettreater offers a wide variety of treats, many of which are low in calories.  Many of these low-cal treats like Puffsters Chips, Noah’s Bark, and Beer Paws are available online.  An added treat is that there is sometimes a special treat for our owners to enjoy in the box as well.

You can involve us in your Christmas celebrations with a countdown to Christmas advent calendar. Make your own (and stick a dog treat in each pocket to give to us each day) or purchase one. Several companies offer dog advent calendars.  One of our favorites is the natural Dog Treat Advent Calendar which contains healthy dog treats with fish oil.  Yum!

For trendsetter dogs

Interact with your dog throughout the day, even when you’re not home, by using the Furbo Dog Camera.  The camera not only notifies you when we are doing something (even barking), but you can also talk to us.  The best feature that we like is that it can toss treats at us while you are away, definitely for the dog that has everything but is still kind of cool.

You can also add a stocking stuffer, the Barkily Dog tag.  Barkily is a free app developed for organizing and keeping track of your dogs’ lives.  Several of our friends tested it and said it was easy to use, kind of like a doggy day planner and dog’s ID card working together.


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