Caring for dog’s paws in the Winter

Do you know how to care for our paws in the Winter?

By Guest Blogger, Miss Moneypenny

Walking us dogs in icy cold weather can be a concern for dog owners. Ice and snow can cause damage to our paws. Snow and ice can get stuck in between the pads, causing cuts and uncomfortably cold toes. Pretty painful!

Autumn and my owners add a pad protectant  (Musher’s Secret or Paw Guard) which can help prevent drying and cracking of our pads.  Just remember when there is packed snowballs between our toes, your best bet is to simply let it melt off in the heat of your home.

You can also prevent this build-up by keeping the fur between our toes trimmed. To avoid trimming out too much hair, keep your scissors parallel with our pads and just shear off the fur that sticks out from in between the pads. Around the toes, the fur should be cut just short enough to see the end of the toenail. Trim around the sides to keep that nice “paw” shape.

If your dog isn’t a dog that grows hair between his toes (like Autumn and me), then you don’t need to trim anything.

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