5 Ways to Keep your Dog in Shape

Dogs need exercise, it’s important in order for them to stay in shape and live a long and healthy life as your favorite companion. Check out some of these great tips on ways to keep your dog in shape.

Creative Games to Stimulate Your Dog

Whether your dog is a herder, a tracker, or a lapdog, he needs activities to keep both his mind and his body in top form. It’s your responsibility as his human to make sure those activities are creative and stimulating. Remember that you’ll be more likely to play these doggie games if they are also interesting to you! Here are a few creative games to help stimulate your dog.

Hiking and Camping with your Dog: Prepare

Avid outdoors dog owners swear that a dog can appreciate a spectacular panoramic view as much as a human can. But when bringing your dog along on a camping or backpacking trip, you need to make extra plans specifically for your canine companion.