Creative Games to Stimulate Your Dog

Whether your dog is a herder, a tracker, or a lapdog, he needs activities to keep both his mind and his body in top form. It’s your responsibility as his human to make sure those activities are creative and stimulating. Remember that you’ll be more likely to play these doggie games if they are also interesting to you! Here are a few creative games to help stimulate your dog.

Skunk Odor Remover Recipe for Dogs

Sometimes our dogs seem so intelligent and then they get zapped by skunk spray. Tomato juice does not work to neutralize or deodorize skunk spray. Here is a skunk odor remover recipe that really works.

6 steps to Spring Clean your Dog

Every pet can benefit from a thorough spring cleaning once a year. When taking on this task think of everything related to your canine friend’s lifestyle as something that needs a “cleaning” of its own.