Top 5 Puppy Training Tips

Puppies can start with simple training with the help of cues after they attain an age of two months according to the AKC. Regular training will help you create a sociable, energetic, and disciplined puppy. Read more.

Canine Conversations: Tips For Socializing Your Puppy

Bringing a new addition into your home is an exciting and busy time, especially when that addition is a fluffy, four-legged puppy. In between potty-training your pup and acclimating it to its new surroundings, you also need to prioritize socialization. Socializing your puppy will help it become comfortable in new and different situations, teach it how to act in public settings (known as petiquette), and help ward off future behavior issues.

Puppy Commands

Your puppy is like a sponge, taking in his environment with all his senses.  Take advantage of this by assigning words to tasks and activities you would like your puppy to respond to.