CBD Oil for Dogs: Side Effects and Risks

When using medicine or supplements for our dog we tend to wonder what the side effects could be.

Side Effects CBD Oil for Dogs

When using medicine or supplements for our dog we tend to wonder what the side effects could be. Since we always want to do what is best for our dog we tend to ask ourselves about the potential side effects of using CBD oil.

If your dog is suffering from cancer, seizures, anxiety, hair loss, or itchy skin and you’ve researched holistic or supplemental relief then you have probably read about CBD oil. CBD oil helps dogs feel calm while providing anti-inflammatory properties for pain and irritation management. Paws Elite has had good feedback on the result of their CBD product, but many still ask the question if CBD oil for dogs has side effects.

Continue reading below to learn about CBD oil and the potential side effects.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is also known as Cannabidiol, it is a natural compound found in hemp plants. Paws Elite extract CBD from hemp plants using CO2 extraction. During this extraction THC is not extracted and only CBD is. Therefore the CBD oil for pets will not give your pet any psychoactive effect.

When marijuana plants start to flower they grow trichomes. Trichomes are the glands that have the essential oils that contain THC. This is separated from the plant during the CBD extraction process in order to prepare the well balanced CBD oil.

How Does CBD Have a Calming and Pain-Relieving Effect?

When Cannabinoids are ingested they activate the Endocannabinoid receptors which are located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Once the Endocannabinoid receptors are activated they help maintain balance in the body which helps keep it in a normal state. This can help your dog with a calming effect while also reducing any inflammation in their body.

Customer Evidence for Treating Neuropathic Pain and Seizures

No scientific evidence has been completed on CBD, but many customers of Paw’s Elite have provided feedback on their success. CBD is merely a supplement, just like the vitamins we take, but offers the body a little more. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help inflammation and it also offers benefits such as anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety, and possible cancer benefits.

No Life Threatening Side Effects CBD Oil is Non-Toxic

Dog’s and humans have similar bodies and most medication that is prescribed for humans is also prescribed to dogs, but at lower dosages. Just like humans dogs also have to deal with the side effects of prescribed medicine. CBD products that are derived from hemp plant don’t cause any life threatening side effects because it is non-toxic, non-gmo, vegan friendly and all organic. It is a natural supplement that comes from the earth. It is not chemically induced or manufactured and it provides a list of health benefits that can help manage pain.

CBD oil helps support and maintains a healthy balance in the body by activating the Endocannabinoid system. Large health organizations like World Health Organization and the FDA have recently approved Epidiolex which is a drug that contains CBD as an active ingredient. Although no scientific research has been completed staples in the industry have deemed CBD safe to a certain extent.

Possible Side Effects of CBD in Dogs

The most attractive part about using CBD oil for your dog is that there are very few side effects. Given the few side effects your dog might experience none of them will hurt or endanger your dog. Not even a high dosage of CBD oil will lead to death.

Learn more about the possible side effects of CBD by visiting: https://pawselite.com/blogs/news/side-effects-cbd-for-dogs

Here is the very few side effects cause by CBD for Dogs

  • Dry Mouth: CBD can decrease the production of Saliva. This will increase your dogs thirst.
  • Lowered Blood Pressure: This can cause light-headedness, but it is not life threatening
  • Drowsiness: Due to the calming effect and anti-anxiety support, drowsiness can also occur.

Risks of Using CBD Oil for Dogs

The safety and risks have not been completely researched, but customer feedback and experience has offered the industry a huge support. The FDA has not released any information on CBD as medicine and has not recommended the proper dosage chart for CBD. Because of this CBD dosages should not be recommended. Considering that CBD is a beneficial health supplement it should be recommended as a serving size. Click this link CBD oil serving size to read about the recommended serving size for your dog. When you’re giving your dog something new to start off with always start with low amounts to see their reaction. The 3 factors that help understand the CBD serving size are the age of your dog, weight and breed. Again, nothing life threatening will happen if you gave a high dose.

Paws Elite CBD Oil is crafted with care, and our CBD oil tinctures provide CBD, CBC, CBG, and other beneficial compounds that produce a full spectrum extract full of quality for your cat or dog. 

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