Chews Wisely Puppy Toys

Dogs Chew.  That is how they entertain themselves.  They chew to relieve boredom.  Most dog owners battle the “If I see it, chew it” exploratory phase with their puppies.  Some subscribe to the philosophy, “Oh that’s his ’cause he already chewed it!” But this doesn’t solve the problem.  Others have that special dog who will chew an old shoe or knotted socks and nothing else. But it is best not to allow dogs such objects.

Different dogs find different textures appealing.   To learn what your puppy may enjoy, try a variety of chew toys.  We recommend that people start out with 4-5 toys:  a ball, a hard bone-type toy, a hard-rubber toy, a soft toy and/or a rope toy and assess how the puppy plays with each texture and what he enjoys.

Our puppy favorites are Puppy Chew Keys, Puppy Nylabones, Kong Wubba, and Orbees.  They are easy to keep clean (just wash them), hard for puppies to destroy, and provide hours of entertainment.

These products are now stocked in The Woofie Shop at Acme Canine.