Great lessons can be learned by children who train a dog

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by Guest Dog Blogger, Spike

When a family gets a dog it’s a big moment.  When a child gets a pet it can be life changing.  The child is now responsible for the needs of an animal that will challenge them as well as be a loyal friend and companion.  The dog and child will be able to grow and change together as they mature.

When a child takes their dog for training, they will learn about the world of their pet’s behavior.  They will learn the proper response to a pet’s actions.  They will develop in depth knowledge of the dog they love.

Children immediately know their dog is unique after spending time with them.  They can learn how to handle their dog’s individual training needs with an assessment.  An assessment of a dog by a certified trainer will provide a child with quite a bit of information about their pet.  They will learn about the specifics of their dog’s individual personality and disposition.  An individualized dog training program can then be designed.

This is a time for a family to decide what they want to accomplish with the training.  It’s also beneficial for the trainer to observe a dog’s interaction with the child and all family members in the home.  This will provide the dog trainer with important information for suggestions in regards to handling the dog and devising effective training.

As children participate in the training of their dog they will learn how to utilize praise and incentive as well as consequences.  They will also learn how to communicate effectively with their pet.  They will come to understand canine psychology and valuable dog-handling skills.  Children will know about their dog’s behavior and motivations.  This type of training will result in children having a close and comfortable relationship with their dog for years.

Learning how to be dedicated to their dog is an important lesson for children.  It’s something they will be able to apply to other aspects of their life.

Take it from me, Spike, a well mannered dog isn’t born, we’re trained.

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