Choosing a daycare for your dog – Part 2 of a series: potty areas

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Treat your dog to a fun and active day at doggy daycare

bring home a happy and pooped pooch!

… it’s a fun way to give your pup exercise, mental stimulation and socialization with both dogs and people.

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger

Daycare facilities usually provide the basics your dog will need; two or three times out for potty breaks and some exercise.  Many of them house large numbers of dogs and, hence, are unable to give a great deal of individual attention.  There are no rules on how to run a dog daycare so it is important to research the daycare to find which is best suited for your dog especially if they are just learning to be house-trained.

Where do dogs eliminate at doggie daycare?

Don’t assume, ask specific questions.

Some daycare facilities have designated bathroom locations for the dogs in their care; a yard space by the parking lot or a patio located in the back of the building.   The dog is taken out on a leash every 2 to 3 hours to these designated locations and encouraged from eliminating in their daycare playroom.

TIP: If you have trained your dog only to eliminate on grass, there may be an adjustment period for the dog to feel comfortable eliminating outdoors on cement.  This isn’t bad but you can help this situation by teaching your dog to eliminate in the street, on gravel and other surfaces so should the need arrive, they will understand these are acceptable areas to relieve themselves.

Other facilities don’t have this option and designate an indoor room outside the play area for the dogs to eliminate.  Some allow the dogs to eliminate in the play area and the staff cleans up afterwards.  By immediately removing any waste and cleaning the area thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner designed to counteract the pheromones in the waste, it minimizes the potential for a collapse in your dog’s house-training manners.  Something to think about if you are bringing a young dog who has just learned the pattern of house-training to daycare.

Whether the facility discusses this or not, the musty lingering odor of past feces and urine deposits is an indication that perhaps the facility isn’t the high-quality well-run facility you want for your dog.  In this case the nose knows you haven’t found the right daycare.

A good source for daycare operations standards is provided by the Dog Gurus 

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