Circle Tail – a non-profit for dogs

by Guest Dog Blogger, Spike

Spike here.  Wanted to talk with you about a pretty special non-profit organization for dogs, Circle Tail.  Every year Acme selects a canine-related non-profit organization for which to raise money. It’s now 2013 and we have decided to support Circle Tail.

Circle Tail is a great organization that is beneficial for both dogs and people.  Their goal is to support service dogs and those with special needs.  The group pairs up specially trained dogs with people who have disabilities.  They also act as an adoption agency that provides good homes for abandoned dogs.

If you would like to help them out, they can always use money but they can always use paper towels, trash bags, bleach, vinegar and ammonia.  They go through these things pretty fast.  You can drop off your donations at Acme Canine this year and we’ll make sure they receive them.

Also throughout the year certain events at Acme Canine will be earmarked for Circle Tail.  The staff at Acme would like to raise $1000 for Circle Tail by the end of 2013.  We hope you will help us.

And if you know of any nice medium energy, healthy/physically sound dogs, let me know.  Circle tail needs good candidates for their service/hearing dog programs.

If you’d like to learn more about Circle Tail, visit their website at

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