Coffee and your dog

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What would happen if your dog sneaks some coffee beans without you knowing about it.

By Guest Blogger, Karim Mohamed,

Coffee is dangerous if consumed by dogs. It would help if you kept coffee away from your dog by all means. Ingesting coffee by a dog leads to potentially fatal consequences.

This article will show you why this is dangerous for dogs and how to react in a correct medical way if your dog ingests some coffee by accident.

Why Does Coffee Harm Dogs?

The caffeine content in coffee is the cause of its alerting and stimulating effect on us as humans when we drink it. However, dogs’ bodies are far more sensitive to caffeine than our bodies. Therefore, it is causing more stimulant effects that can cause dangerous consequences in their bodies and even death.

 Coffee can enter a dog’s body in any way as drinking, eating the beans, or ingesting foods rich in caffeine as coffee cakes. Drinking coffee causes a remarkable elevation in their heart rates that induces restlessness, agitation, and hyperactivity.

What are the symptoms of caffeine toxicity on dogs?

Caffeine toxicity signs usually appear within 30-60 minutes of consuming caffeine. However, the symptoms may continue to appear for about 12 hours up to a few days. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should suspect caffeine toxicity and seek help fast.

  1. Panting
  2. Agitation
  3. Restlessness
  4. Vomiting
  5. High heart rate and blood pressure
  6. Elevated body temperature
  7. Abnormal heart rhythm

In severe cases, your dog may show tremors, collapse, seizures, and even coma. A lot of caffeine can be lethal and kill your dog. However, the deadly dose of caffeine varies significantly among the dog species according to their sizes.

What to do if your dog ingests coffee?

If you think your dog has consumed coffee by any means, you should call your Vet immediately. You can help the Vet evaluate the case and the danger to your dog’s life by estimating the amount of coffee ingested by your dog and your dog’s body weight.

Suppose your Vet is not available, contact the  Pet Poison Helpline (855-213-6680) at once. The hotline will help you find the nearest facility to deal with such emergencies among dogs and tell you some first aid measures to do until you can get help. 

Provided that dogs receive medical care quickly, most cases will survive caffeine poisoning.

How Do Veterinarians Treat Dogs from Caffeine Poisoning?

According to the severity of your dog’s symptoms, he may recommend that you monitor your dog for poisoning symptoms at home. However, if the symptoms are severe, he may suggest bringing the dog to you at once for examination and treatment.

Suppose the coffee ingestion happened a few hours ago. In that case, the veterinarian might try to induce vomiting so that your dog’s body stops absorbing the rest of it.

The Vet may also give your dog activated charcoal. That helps the body get rid of caffeine toxins before their absorption into the systemic circulation then to the heart muscle. The Vet may also administer fluids to clear the caffeine from their bodies. Finally, if the heart function is affected, the Vet may give some drugs to control the heart rate, tremors, and seizures.

Why Would Your Dog Like To Drink Coffee?

Dogs’ nature is to be curious and taste whatever material they may find. Dogs may eat rocks, toilet paper, and even drink from the toilet. Coffee seems an obvious thing to eat mainly due to its intense aroma that can drive dogs curious.

With people spending more time at home due to the COVID circumstances, dogs have also spent more time indoors than they should. The boredom drives them to explore anything they find. This has caused the cases of caffeine poisoning among dogs to increase in the last year.

Familiar Sources Of Caffeine To Keep Away From Your Dog:

Most people think that coffee is the only significant source of caffeine in their houses. However, other sources of caffeine can also carry a risk to your dogs if not stored properly and away from their reach.

These caffeine sources also include tea, chocolate, caffeine pills, energy drinks, soda, and even decaffeinated coffee and tea.

How To Protect Your Dog From Ingesting Coffee?

If you are a coffee lover and have coffee around frequently, you need to take some extra precautions to protect your dog from drinking it.

Never offer coffee as a reward in any form to your dog. Even a tiny amount in a large dog will not harm the dog, but you do not want your dog to like it at all.

It is always fun to offer your dogs some treats, but showing them some human threats as chocolate may be lethal.

Keep all the coffee-containing products such as coffee beans, coffee grounds, tea bags, and chocolate bars mixed with coffee in a high storage unit above the bottom, away from your dogs’ reach.

When throwing away the trash containing coffee, close the trash bag tightly and make sure your dog will not be able to get through it. Some dogs’ species like to find treats in the trash.

Make sure to explain the dangers of coffee ingestion for dogs to your family and children. Remind them that Any dog owner should keep coffee at all times away from your dog. If you are getting someone coffee as a gift, make sure to hide it in a place away from your dog.

Finally, it is good to teach your dog the “Leave It” order when the dog approaches a material they should not eat.


Keeping caffeine sources away from your dog is an essential part of your responsibility towards this beautiful creature. 

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