The frustration of being a Columbus Blue Jackets “fanimal”

By Guest Blogger, Miss Moneypenny

Don’t know how it happened but Autumn and I are true Columbus Blue Jackets “fanimals”, and we have been for quite a while.  We like joining in as our humans cheer on the team but lately we have been feeling like we are missing out on the special items they put over their bodies to bring the team good luck.   

Autumn, who is pretty good on the computer, found some websites like Athletic Pets, All Star Dogs and Sports Fanimals which have loads of pet items using the Blue Jackets logo.  And I overheard the humans talking after a game that Nationwide Area sells some of these items too!

Autumn has her heart set on the Hockey Puck Dog ID tag and bandanna.  Personally I would like to attend a game.  I remember hearing about Coach Tortorella missing a game because one of his dogs wasn’t doing real well so I know the team cares about dogs.  And I’ve already been to a Cleveland Indians game with my humans so a hockey game isn’t too unrealistic.

Now that the holidays are here, Autumn and I have been dropping hints to let our humans know how much we like the Jackets.   Our humans have several items from the team setting out on shelves to show how much they like this hockey team.  I figured by taking one of these items off the shelf our humans would see that we were fans too.  So I took a puck off the shelf.

Phil, the male human, seemed pretty happy with me doing this and started chasing me and cheering me on.  Then he grabbed it from me he told me I was a bad dog.  Humans are strange that way, but I think he now understands that we’d like something from the Blue Jackets in our stocking.  I’m still writing Santa just in case.

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