DOG PRODUCT REVIEW: December PetTreater Box

by Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger

Autumn and Penny just received the December PetTreater Box and were pretty excited with all it contained.  This month in particular had several items for the dog owner including a gift card to create a dog pillow from Lilipibrand, and a coloring book.  The dogs loved the treats in the box (there was quite an assortment for them to choose from) and the toys (a couple of rope toys).

When you add up what was in the box and compare it to what you pay each month to receive the dog box, you seem to always come out ahead.  This makes it easier to accept a toy or two being destroyed after a couple of minutes of play.

This month’s box included one plush/rope toy which we videoed.  The results brought up a couple of questions regarding the toys you buy for your dog.  Check out the video here


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