Did your dog go blind during the solar eclipse?

photo courtesy of group at Hopkinsville, KY


By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger,

August 21, 2017 the United States experienced a Solar Eclipse across its nation. Warnings were sent out about dogs looking at the sun during the eclipse, causing eye damage.  I have to ask, did your dog go blind because of the eclipse?  Did he even notice something unique was happening in the sky?

source unknown, posted on facebook

I did a little scientific experiment myself asking dog owners across the US if their dogs reacted in anyway during the Solar Eclipse.  #dogssolareclipse  Answers came back from Seattle, Washington to Tampa, Florida and all of them were a resounding “NO”.  Dogs, in general, simply don’t have the same fascination with the skies that we do. They probably noticed it got darker, but just as when you turn the lights off in your home, they aren’t likely to investigate the cause.  And for those of you who lived outside the path of totality, your dog likely didn’t have any idea that anything was going on — except that all the humans were really amped up about something.

The internet was a buzz with speculations and statements about dogs.  Unfortunately many of these statements were based on half truths or even downright bad information. Sadly there were dog owners who kept their dogs inside and willing to pay $40 for solar dog glasses in order to keep their pet safe.  Seems foolish doesn’t it.

Being in the dog business has given me insight into dog training and dog behavior but I am still careful about what I write. Knowing the source of the information as well as who is writing the story should always be investigated. When writing articles, even on dog training, I research and investigate before printing a story.

The problem is everyday there are statements and half truths about dogs on the internet.  And sadly there are dog owners who take this information as “God’s truth” and share it with others.

I ask that you, as the reader, take the time to think about what is written on dogs on the internet and ask yourself if it truly makes sense.  If it doesn’t, take the time to talk with a dog expert or two and get their opinion.  You may change your mind about what you read and open it to a new avenue of dog training or care for your dog.

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