DIG Direct – a new way to share your passion for dogs

You know my passion for dogs, well I just discovered an incredible company called DIG Direct, which shares this passion.

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Cynologist

In 2007, Jon and Gila Kurtz realized that the pet and retail industries lacked products catered to humans. So, they set out to create apparel and accessories for the dog lover—a hobby that eventually turned into a company, Dog Is Good, and set out to encompass the pure joy we feel when our dog welcomes us home.

Since 2008, the company Dog is Good (DIG) has been one of the top brands for dog lovers.  Their unique artwork and messages appear on various apparel, gifts, accessories, and home decor. In fact, I have been wearing a grey Dog is Good tee-shirt I purchased when I first started Acme Canine back in 2003, and it still looks great!

When DIG contacted Acme Canine to be a part of their new program, DIG Direct, we jumped on it!

We’re still in the soft launch phase, so things aren’t always perfect. So if you have any trouble ordering or looking for a product, let me know, and I’ll find the answer.

What is DIG Direct?

DIG Direct is a new relationship-based selling channel direct to consumers.  It is focused on creating a dog lovers’ movement focused on showing their passion for dogs through pet products.  From “dog lover” trailer hitch covers to masks and gaiters, their pet products are a constant reminder of “how great it feels to be with DOG.”  And the quality of their products shows (remember the tee shirt I mentioned).

Acme Canine is happy to give DIG Direct 5-paws up for a company that offers quality merchandise, has integrity, an easy return/exchange process, and Dogvergnügen.  In fact, DIG gives back to the canine community through numerous canine shelters.

DIG Direct has earned The Acme Approved products Award.

Order now!

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