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After years of teaching and caring for thousands of dogs and puppies, Acme Canine’s Owner and Founder, Laura Pakis, has compiled this “dog-tested” knowledge of proven successful dog products and favorites of Acme Canine clients into one area for your shopping pleasure.


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Acme Approved Products

Acme Canine and the Acme Canine tester dogs have reviewed each of the products on this page, and we believe the products would be great for your dog.  That’s why we gave it the Acme Canine approval!

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DIG Direct

We know how great you feel when you’re with your dog. We also know the profound, positive influence your dog has on your life. DIG Direct lets you share your love of Dog with others.  It’s what we believe, and it’s the message behind all of Dog is Good products.

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The Woofie Shop

Look no further than The Woofie Shop for high-quality instructional materials and helpful booklets.  All have been “dog-tested,” proven successful, and are favorites of Acme Canine clients.

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It’s time to experience the difference!