Acme Canine would LOVE to support you

Here’s how the program works

Acme Canine has partnered with Dog is Good, the lifestyle brand for dog lovers.  We have just launched a new direct to community initiative in support of non-profits.

This innovative concept is simple.  It creates an opportunity for non-profits to utilize a fundraising strategy that results in recurring monthly income while creating additional awareness for your cause and mission.  The best part is that there is no cost to your organization, will not require volunteer involvement, and won’t stretch your team’s bandwidth.

If you are open to reviewing information on this program, here is a short video for your review.

Here is also a flyer which shares more information. DIGDirect_NonProfit-1 (1)

Interested in joining?

Please complete the CONTACT US form and a member of Acme Canine.Dig Direct will contact you.