Dog Boarding: Not Just For Vacations Anymore!

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by Guest Dog Blogger, Spike

Hi all, Spike here again! I just wanted to take a moment to talk to you about boarding your pup and what it can do for you and your furry friend! Normally, when you think of dog boarding, you imagine long trips to the Bahamas and resting assured that your doggie is safe in the hands of capable caretakers.

But have you ever considered that a weekend sleepover with the trainers could help get everyone on the same track? Understanding what your dog is trying to tell you is important, but sometimes they need a nudge in the right direction in order to change old habits too. We can get stuck in our ways just like people!

So if you don’t have the time or you’re at the end of your leash (pun absolutely intended!) with training, you should consider letting the professionals spend a few days working with your dog.

Whether you just want to brush up on how to get your doggie pal to listen while on and off the leash, or you think a more intensive behavior modification workshop is in order, an overnight with dogcentric trainers can really do the trick.

And you can have a few days to kick back and relax at home or on vacation knowing that your dog will be taken care of and will come home full of new tricks. The best part is, you’ll receive some training as well to help make sure that all the stuff sticks and doesn’t get forgotten. We do our best, but sometimes changes need to be made at home to ensure absolute success!

Just take it from my parents (not that I ever needed extra help, of course!) and all the families that they help.

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