A Pup Above Review: Healthy and Cares About the Planet

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A Pup Above is a high-quality alternative to fresh dog food, and our canine tester, Autumn, loves it.

We were having issues with our 13-year-old Boxer mix, Autumn, who wanted to eat and struggled to find something she had a taste for and was healthy when contacted by A Pup Above.  They asked us to test a sampler packet of A Pup Above dog food and write a review on our experience.

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For Autumn, it was love at first bite.  For us, it was the perfect answer.  A quality dog food that didn’t need any supplements to encourage Autumn to eat.

A new fresh food method with nutritional value

It seems like dog owners are switching to fresh food to give their pets the nutritional quality they deserve. Most dog foods cook at high temperatures during processing.  This destroys a significant amount of the ingredients.  Fresh food is less processed and more nutritious.  But sous vide food kills pathogens and harmful bacteria while reserving more nutrients and flavor that often cook off at higher temperatures.

A Pup Above utilizes sous vide, a modern cooking method that involves placing food in a BPA-free plastic bag, submerging it in temperature-controlled water (usually within 0.1 degrees F), and cooking it up to 160F.

Fresh dog food with convenience in mind

In addition to offering high-quality nutrition for pets, A Pup Above takes convenience to a higher level. Each of their dog food bags contains a 1-pound pattie individually frozen for easy storage. Because the packages are vacuum-sealed, they can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks without opening, so you don’t have to worry about taking them out of the freezer the night before.

We found you can mush up the food while still in its pouch.  Cut it open and pop the broken-up pieces right into the dog bowl.  Easy-peasy and no messing with breaking up meat or creating liquids.

A company concerned about our society

They’re into recycled packaging, upcycling where they can, and sourcing locally from farmers with strict animal welfare standards. Once you’ve put the dog food in your dog’s bowl, place the pouch in a recycling envelope you can obtain from TerraCycle.

The process is simple:

  1. Request your free recycling envelope through the online order form
  2. When the envelope shows up in your mailbox, fill it up with 30 used pouches — you don’t even need to clean them first!*
  3. Drop the prepaid envelope back in the mail to TerraCycle.

* Pro-tip: place the TerraCycle envelope with your used, dirty pouches in the freezer until you’re ready to ship. This helps prevent any odors.

In addition,  A Pup Above gives 1% of their revenue to White Buffalo Land Trust.

Added fun for dog food and the Acme Approval

YouTube video
Even though Acme Canine tester Autumn may not dance for her meals, she really enjoys A Pup Above dog food. It comes in four flavors, and she is excited about all of them. And the food is delivered in dry ice so you can have fun with it as well. Or you can find a pet store near you that sells this dog food.

Acme Canine gives A Pup Above four paws up for quality ingredients, the companies commitment to our society, and its integrity in marketing.  And the food has been provided great reviews by others as well.

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