Dog language doesn’t need to be foreign to you

by Dog Blogger, Spike

Hi there, it’s me, Spike. I know that sometimes having a new furry companion can be stressful when it should be joyous and fun. For some new canine parents, dog behavior can bring about changes they weren’t expecting. From barking, nipping, house training and even just learning new things, there’s a lot to know about our dog language.

However, you can learn a lot by knowing a few key things about why we do the things we do.

For instance, did you know that when I kneel with my butt in the air that I’m ready to play? This little stance is a good one and means that I want to spend more time with you having some fun.

Or how about when you hear your dog yawn very vocally? That means he was frustrated about something and needed to relieve some stress. It could be that you told him that he couldn’t get on the furniture, it’s time for a bath or to stop barking at the neighbor’s cat. Whatever it is usually isn’t anything more than him releasing his frustration.

Sometimes us dogs chew things because we’re bored, not because we want to be bad or mean to our owners. That is especially important to learn for those first getting a dog. Sometimes it is because a puppy is teething. Just like with a human baby, our new teeth need something to chew.

It’s the little things like these that are quite different to a new dog owner and can make the difference in how we behave in the future. We love to learn new things and we never want to do anything that doesn’t please you.

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