Dog obedience: using the right methods always works

by Guest Dog Blogger, Spike

Hi Spike here.  I thought I’d talk today about something close and dear to me.  Communication between dogs and owners using obedience.  Dog obedience you say…

Dog obedience is now reinvented! The way a dog acts, feels, and communicates is vastly different than how a human does. That is why dog obedience programs should be created from the perspective of the dogs themselves. They should strive to help you and your dog communicate in a way that makes sense to both of you. This builds a stronger, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling relationship with you and your pet. You’d do whatever it takes to increase the happiness of your best friend and guess what? So should your dog trainer! The journey to make you and your dog’s time together the very best it can possibly be starts with the right training program for you and your dog.

Through obedience, dogs learn new skills, and new ways of interacting. They’re certainly not the only ones learning though, the vast majority of pet owners become more capable of caring for their pet than they had even thought possible. It is truly amazing what fulfillment it brings to see passionate people gain the skills they need to develop the relationship they have always wanted with their pet. Not just that, but after completing the needed course, every dog has experienced a significant increase in the level of contentedness it has with its life. Every pet owner who has gone through such a program can vouch for that as well, they all report back saying how wonderful their dog behaves now and how much happier he/she seems.

So you see, when proper methods are used to train a dog, they always work.

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