Dog obedience training for a happier home life

By Dog Blogger, Spike

The other day the boss and I were visiting a friends house. After the initial pats and compliments from our hosts including, “You are such a handsome boy Spike!”, I was pretty much left to my own devices. Having had dog obedience  and being a well-trained and loyal canine I stuck pretty close to where my mom was sitting. That was probably the smartest thing I did all day because the kids who lived in that house were on a rampage.

They constantly pestered our host with issues that surely could have waited until the company left. There were arguments and shouting at each other that disrupted the nice visit we were trying to have. Even with the pounding in my head from all the fuss I had the thought that these kids could really use some dog obedience. Oops, they are humans so I guess unfortunately that wouldn’t work.

However, just like those kids there are dogs who behave really well at their home, but are absolute monsters away from their own dog house. Without all of the outside distractions those dogs seem like perfectly behaved members of the canine world. Maybe they attended dog obedience class and graduated with flying colors. They are accustomed to their daily routine and appear out there to be a kind and gentle soul when they come upon their family.

Once outsiders appear and guests ring the doorbell, chaos erupts with Fido barking his fool head off, leaping at the door and then onto the visitors when they try to enter the house. The dog may just be gloriously happy that the monotony of their day has been broken up by the arrival of company, but no one wants an uncontrolled canine jumping all over them even if they are friendly.

A total breakdown in communication between dog and owner under their own roof requires help from the outside world. The trainers here at Acme Canine can provide individualized assistance right where the issues are occurring. To restore the harmony in your home between the humans and their best buddy, please contact Acme Canine about our in-home training options.

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