How Did He Learn Dog Obedience Like That?

By Spike, dog blogger

I like to go to the park to dog watch and my parent likes to people watch. You can learn a lot about dogs and people if you take time to just watch. It was a slow day at the park, so we walked around for about thirty minutes, and then sat under a tree.

As I was dog watching, I noticed one dog constantly pulling at her leash and choking herself, another nudging his parent for attention, and another just yapping away at nothing. Then a group of little kids came running across the park. Now, I’m like most dogs, I like to chase running kids. But my parent knew I shouldn’t go running off so she said “Spike, SIT.” So, I did.

Next to us the one dog finally lunged so hard she got loose and started chasing the kids. All of us watched to see what would happen. When that parent finally caught up to her dog, some kids were scared, parents were angry, and the dog’s parent got an earful about letting her dog off the leash.

They came back close to us and that parent said she wished her dog would just sit and watch like I was doing. So, my parent told her about dog obedience. She told her that me knowing she is in charge makes me more secure and it was pretty easy to get me to honor some basic commands like SIT.

She’s right, so I had a talk with that dog. Know what she said? She said she wished her parent would be in charge and would go to dog obedience training. She said it would be much easier and less stressful if she knew what her parent wanted.

Are you that parent that wishes your dog would “stay” on command? Then contact Acme Canine and let us help you.

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