Have a Dog Party with your Canine Friends

Looking for something special to do with your dog friends?  Interested in a unique party idea that involves dogs?  Book a canine group class designed just for you.

Acme Canine can create a training package to the date, time and even the place that suits you the best.  All you need to do is have three (or more) dog owners interested in participating and the class is set.  Call (740) 548-1717 for more information.

Here are some suggestions for classes:


A dog’s nose is always working, so why not use this as an opportunity to exercise and bond with your dog? This two-part class will help develop your dog’s natural scenting ability. Your dog will learn to focus on a particular scent, find the source of that scent, and then alert you when he has found it. As your dog’s handler you will learn to observe your dog, paying close attention to his body language and other visual cues. Six week course. Limit six dogs. Cost $300/dog with $100 deposit to reserve spot.



Does your dog lack interest in fetching?  This class focuses on teaching the dog to retrieve various objects. Dogs will learn to take items from the owner’s hand, hold the items, move with the items, and then release the item to the owner when prompted. All parts of the class will be taught on leash. Distractions will be added as the class progresses in order to teach the dog to take and hold items in real world situations. Six week course. Limit six dogs. Cost $300/dog with $100 deposit to reserve spot.

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