Dog Pools

I recently tried to sit down and write a review of the dog bone pool we use at Acme Canine (manufactured by One Dog One Bone).  Having limited experience in a dog pool, however, I quickly realized I’m not the best choice to give a fair and accurate assessment.  Something felt off and I was at a loss.  We decided, instead, to go directly to the source this month and get Woofie’s thoughts on this big summer toy:

When Josh first came to me and asked if I wanted to write a review of the swimming pool we have here at Acme, I couldn’t have been more excited.  Now, it is true that I’ve recently retired from the busy day-to-day work in the facility.  I may not get out to play with the young pups as much as I once did, but taking a swim in the pool on a scorching summer afternoon is one aspect of life from which I certainly have not retired.

The heat of summer presents a number of dangers and challenges for pets and their owners.  While we canines may sometimes seem just like a close member of the family, we experience heat differently than humans.  Making it even more hazardous is most dogs’ inability to articulate their discomfort.  Of course, owners should always keep an eye out for warning signs like rapid and excessive panting, discolored tongue, and lethargy.  Let’s not forget, however, that summer is also a time for fun and adventure.  A dog pool is a particularly great summer toy that allows dogs to both stay cool and have the time of our lives.

The pool experience is fun from beginning to end for the Acme dogs.  When the hose comes out, all the regulars know exactly what’s next and start to impatiently crowd around the empty pool.  Some curious pups will dab a paw in the shallow water to test it. The braver souls will completely jump in and then out the other side, running the most refreshing of gauntlets.  By the time it’s adequately filled, half the dogs are already soaked and chasing each other in and out.

On the One Dog One Bone website, you can even find accessories to trick out your own pool, such as covers and kits to make a deck.  It goes for $369 online.  This may seem a bit steep, but the pool itself is made of truck bed liner material and can hold up to 85 gallons of water (and it’d sure make quite a splash filled to brim like that).  The heavy duty material makes it chew resistant, which the Acme staff loves.  While some dogs may scratch it up a bit, even hounds with the jaws of life won’t be able to rip it in pieces.  Draining is easy with a brass cap at the bottom of one end.  Unscrew it and simply watch it empty (or try to lap it up, as some of my friends do).  A word of warning to the little fellas: the pool is a good size (11”x44”x66”), so be careful if you’re not used to swimming in the deep end.

If my brother Spike and I had to choose a single toy for the dog days of summer, the dog bone pool would be it.  At this point, it’s a mainstay of summers in Lewis Center and definitely one of the highlights of a day of fun and sun with friends at Acme Canine.

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