Dog Room Decor: Create A Cozy And Comfortable Space For Your Pup

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Dogs can be much more emotionally complicated than we give them credit for. We spend large portions of our lives with these animals, but it seems we’re so quick to ignore the signs that show they can be unique. While it’s easy to think of dogs as eternally happy-go-lucky creatures that are always down to play, romp, and have a good time, dogs sometimes enjoy solitude. So why not create a cozy and comfortable dedicated space for your furry friend?

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How to Create a Separate Space For Your Dog

You may have a dog that seems to enjoy their time alone or an anxious animal that could benefit from having a secluded area of your home to themselves. If so, you can build your dog their own little space. This isn’t just a plush cushion at the foot of your bed or a dog crate in your kitchen – it’s a dedicated area in which they can be alone. Such a space can soothe their anxieties when overloaded by loud noises, excess excitement, an unruly party, traumatic weather, or high emotions in the house. Anyone can feel better by being alone when they’re upset – even your dog!

Pick Out An Area of Your Home

creating a space for your dog

When choosing the right space for your doggy room, try to find somewhere that they can truly be comfortable. This area should be quiet and secluded enough for them to hang out and recharge during stressful circumstances. Maybe it’s a crate in a room that doesn’t experience much foot traffic or the laundry room. Wherever it is, it should be large enough that your dog can stretch out while lying down without being so expansive that they might feel overwhelmed by the size. 

The area you choose should be comfortable in all seasons. If it’s only cool in the summer but freezing cold in the winter, it won’t be of much use to you if you’re trying to establish a permanent area where your dog can relax. It should also be relatively quiet, as research has shown that while dogs don’t necessarily mind a lot of noise, they also like silence. You might also want to consider placing your doggy room in a place with no windows, as you want them to relax when a thunderstorm is going on – not panic even harder when they can see the lightning bolts. 

Fill Up the Area With Stuff They Love

Once you’ve picked out an area that’s not too hot or cold and just all-around perfect, you’ll want to stock it with items that’ll enhance your dog’s comfortability. Think dog toys they love, stuffed animals they snuggle with, or a thick blanket with your scent on it. If your dog is crate-trained, you’ll want to put the crate in this area, as they already identify it with feelings of home and safety. Putting their open crate in a doggy room in a secure area of your home stuffed with things your dog likes is an excellent step in establishing a new area they can have to themselves. 

When choosing your doggy room decor, you can consider buying new items. Not only will this replace some old raggedy toy that they’ve chewed half to death – it can help them identify this new area of the house as a place for them. Introducing them to a new crate, toy, comfy dog bed, or blanket in this newly established area could help them recognize the new area as a space just for them. 

Make Sure Your New Doggy Room is Safe & Easy to Enter

puppy in doggy room

Now that you’ve selected the area of the home you’re going with and prepared the space with ample offerings, you need to clear it of anything that might prove harmful. While we’re sure you’ve already dog-proofed your house, make sure that this new area might not have anything lying around that you wouldn’t want your dog getting into. Stray plastic bags, electrical devices, ports or cords, and small swallowable items are just a few examples. 

It’s also recommended that your doggy room is in an area of the house that your dog can access. You don’t want it to be somewhere that requires you to let them into it every time. It should be an area where they can access themselves without your help. This will make it a place they can go to when you’re away from home or asleep. 

Stock It With Food and Water

Starting to feed your dog in this new area might be a good idea. Whether you subscribe to free or scheduled feeding, dogs associate feelings of security and comfort with where they’re fed. If you’re trying to make this new doggy room an area of the home that they can fall in love with, then feeding and watering them in this spot can help speed that process along quite a bit. If it’s an area with carpeting you care about, then we understand your reservations. However, this is where something like a spill-proof dog bowl might come in handy!

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

If you can help it, keep this area specific to your dog. If you have kids, encourage them to leave the dog alone when it retreats to this area. It should be an area your dog can go to when they feel scared or out of it. While some dogs might prefer comfort and being with people when they’re afraid, others prefer to be alone – if your dog is the latter, they’ll appreciate the solitude during stressful times. It can also help to blacken out the space – soundproofing measures, blackout curtains, the whole nine yards. Doing so can increase the sensory deprivation we all need sometimes. 

Your Dog Will Appreciate It

When setting up your doggy room, don’t focus on the looks so much as the practicality. While dog decor is great, ensuring it’s clean, safe, secure, and filled with everything your dog knows and loves is more important. That’s why we encourage you to put items with your scent there. While your dog might want a little peace and quiet in this newfound room, they’ll never stop loving you!

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