Dog Safety During Hunting Season

By designyourlife, eHow Member

Fall hunting season is a dangerous time to be in the woods. If you like autumn hiking, you probably know how to protect yourself, but don’t forget that your dog needs the same kind of visual protection.

1.  Know when hunting season begins and ends. It’s different depending on your state. Bow season generally lasts longer than firearm season. Contact your state Department of Natural Resources for this information.
2.  As soon as the season begins, you and your dog should wear blaze orange in hunting areas. The resource section on this page provides a link to two websites that sell blaze orange protective hunting dog safety vests.
3.  Keep your dog leashed as much as possible while hiking in the woods.
4.  Make yourself known audibly. If you see a hunter, announce yourself.
5.  Seek hiking areas where hunting is not allowed during this time. It’s still a good idea to dress your dog in a protective vest in case he wanders outside the boundaries of a protected area.

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