DOG PRODUCT REVIEW: Dog subscription box services fad or future (part 2 of a series)

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by Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Trainer and Blogger

We continue to test the dog subscription boxes for value and practicality. This month, at our request, provided us with one free box of goodies for testing with two oh-so-picky dogs, Penny and Autumn. We tested this service to help us conduct a thorough review. Autumn and Penny enjoyed the variety of treats and toy inside their box and we were surprised by how much came in the box.  This may have been due to it being a special Halloween box with extra treats.

A Pet Treater subscription costs about $24.99/MONTH with a trial box option available without auto-renew.

In order to sign up for their service, you are asked to select from small (up to 20 pounds), medium (21-50 pounds), and large (51+ pounds).   In addition, they ask for breed, age, sex and name of your dog as well as if your dog is a heavy chewer or has allergies.

Each box contains treats, toys, and helpful items for dog owners (leashes, poop bags, grooming supplies, etc.).  This is different from BullyMake Box and Bark Box who include stickers, paper frames and other less useful items.  The box we received contained a Bungee Tug a Pup and Wacky Wheel Squeaker (both of which plush toys are still around even with the girls heavy play), a nylon backpack and two Ghost Hunter K9 Unit dog scarfs, Beef Bars, Carob flavor Sandwich creams, a Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creation in the shape of a jack o’lantern and Shore Tails Fish Skins (which Penny felt was the best tasting treat on the earth). All treats were made in USA or Canada.

They do offer some unique benefits including the offer of rewards on, a variety of coupons for a free Pet Bed with your first box with coupon code FREE-PTBED! Or, if you’d rather save money off of this box, use coupon code LOVE-PT5 to save $5.00 off your first box.  And for every month you are a Pet Treater member, pets in shelters across America receive some extra help from their partners at Greater Good, Rescue Bank, and A Shot at Life.

Each month your dog will receive treats.  Can your dog handle the caloric intake to their diet?

Even with all these PROs you need to consider the amount of calories from the treats you are adding to your dog’s diet. If you fed your dog all these treats in a month it certainly would make a difference for those who may already be on the plump size.

Beef Bars package 2,805 kcal/kg
Exclusively Dog Cookies 17% crude fat
Emmy’s Gourmet Canine Creation one cookie 597 kcal/kg.

If you are still sold on purchasing a dog subscription box, from those we have tested we feel the Pet Treater is of good value and quality.  We’ll keep testing more in months to come and share our results.  And, as always, we’d love to hear your experience with dog subscription boxes.

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