Dog Tags Pairs Wounded Soldiers With Homeless Dogs To Get Them Ready For Adoption

From the Washington Humane Society

DOG TAGS brings together wounded Soldiers recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with homeless dogs here at the Washington Humane Society. This innovative three-tiered program teaches Soldiers the basics of dog training, with a certificate based educational curriculum that gives them the opportunity to pursue a future career in the field of animal training, care, and welfare. In the process of gaining skills for themselves, the Soldiers provide the homeless animals with training, socialization, and love which increases their adoption rate and retention in their new homes.

Service and therapy dogs give veterans something to lean on.

From Squidoo

Far too many soldiers return from the war with disabling injuries and disabilities that make it difficult for them to cope with the challenges of every day life.

But there is hope. Specially trained dogs of of all shapes, sizes and color are helping these veterans in a wide variety of ways to give them the assistance they need to help them live a more full life.

Organizations that provide veterans with service and therapy dogs.:
Helping those who have served our country honorably to live with dignity and independence whether they are visually impaired or have other special needs, by using guide dogs, service dogs, and innovative technologies

Canines for Combat Veterans
Canines for Combat Veterans, is part of NEADS, New England Assistance Dog Services. Their mission is to rescue and train dogs to assist individuals with everyday tasks. Their goal is to provide the trained dogs to all qualified applicants.

Canine Companions for Independence
Canine Companions for Independence provides highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities, free of charge.

The Dog Tags Program
Soldiers are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with disabling injuries that make it difficult to cope with the challenges of daily life. In order to provide much needed assistance, Puppies Behind Bars has started the Dog Tags program.

Patriot Paws
Patriot Paws is passionate, committed, and obligated in their goal to train service dogs that will enhance the lives of disabled veterans who have given so much for our nation, and to provide a service for other Americans with mobile disabilities.

How to afford a service dog

To help those who are unable to afford the cost of a service animal, Bankrate created a guide that breaks down the total costs of obtaining a service dog, and provide a list of several alternative methods for financing these costs.

They also included a list of accredited organizations who provide complete or partial financial assistance for several different causes and individuals in need.

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