Dog Toy Testing

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Every year, dog toys are selected as representative of those being offered on the market. Acme Canine daycare dogs then test these toys in everyday settings.

Since 2004, Acme Canine has been assessing toys based on design, function, durability, and play value to help dog owners choose good toys. We do this by putting toys right into the mouths of dogs themselves.

In our program, dogs test toys at our facility for a period of six to twelve weeks. As nearly as possible, we try to duplicate the circumstances under which consumers will assess a toy’s value after it has been purchased. Our “testers” treat the toys we give them as if they were their own–no special measures are taken either to encourage the dog’s attention or to prevent normal wear and tear.

Every year, dog toys are selected as representative of those being offered on the market. These toys are then tested by Acme Canine daycare dogs in everyday settings to assess design, function, durability, and play value. Then in September, Acme Canine invites Franklin and surrounding county dog owners to rate each toy, awarding Three Stars, Two Stars, One Star, Novelty, or Not Recommended.

After the evaluation period, information is gathered from the testing and analyzed by Acme Canine. We then arrive at a rating and a recommendation for each toy. We also convey our findings directly to the manufacturer or distributor of the toy to help companies understand the expectations of dogs and dog owners and encourage toy-makers to keep these expectations in mind when they design other toys.

You can find the ratings and a review of each toy tested in this blog’s Dog Product Review section. Acme Canine also reviews and evaluates dog-related books to promote responsible dog ownership, dog treats, and other dog-related products.

Acme Canine tests numerous toys, covering a variety of themes for a wide interest range. Our philosophy is to encourage dog owners to select toys that will guide and enhance a dog’s development and ability while providing great play value at the same time. However, Acme Canine does not place value judgments on any toys, nor distinguishes between one gender or the other, when testing toys within our evaluation program.

Our annual DOG TOY TEST WORKSHOP has been designed to help you choose toys that will meet your dog’s individual needs. Your toy dollars represent an investment in play satisfaction, and this workshop is designed to help you spend those dollars wisely.

Only you know your dog.

When choosing toys, consider your dog’s preferences, personality, and special skills, and try answering such questions as:
* What toys are already in the toy box?
* Would you like your dog to continue to explore more of the same play?
* Would you like to introduce a new play interest or provide a novel diversion?

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