Interesting Factoids: I Bet You Never Knew About Dog Training Education Month

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February is Dog Training Education Month

February is Dog Training Education Month, making it the perfect time to stop and think about the simple ways training can improve life for both you and your pet!

Here are some of the benefits of having a trained dog:

  • he sits when told to do so
  • he leaves guests along when they are eating
  • he will not jump up on guests
  • he will not take over the house
  • he knows you’re the boss
  • he comes when called and does not stray
  • he does not strain on the leash and walks with you
  • he is not a nuisance to your neighbors
  • he does not bark endlessly
  • he doesn’t steal food
  • he will not chase other dogs or cats

So jump in and participate in Dog Training Month. You both will enjoy it!

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