Essential Dog Training For The Rescued Dog

Having the appropriate knowledge and training will insure a smooth transition for a rescue dog

by Guest Dog Blogger, Penny

Hi everyone, Penny here. I was at the park this morning with my family when I ran into my old friend Spot. He said he had a new family because his last owners thought he was a disobedient dog, but really he just needed a little help to learn the ropes. They got frustrated and took it out on him. They didn’t know there is dog training available for a rescued dog just like him. These trainers can help him adjust to his new home.  Spot is thankful to have new a new, loving family and hopes that they will get him the training he needs so they can all live happily together.

It may seem like Spot is not a good listener, that he is always getting into trouble

Really he is just trying to get used to his new surroundings.  It’s scary being in a new place and getting to know new people. Spot knows his new family loves him and wants him to be a good boy and make them proud, he just needs the right training to teach him how to be.

Spot doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him, he wants you to communicate with him

pot wants his new family to know that learning how to communicate with him by teaching him dog obedience will provide him with the training he needs to be a great member of the family in his new forever home.  They will learn not to feel sorry for Spot.  Rather by being consistent and setting boundaries they will help Spot become a well mannered member of society.

If you have adopted an adult dog like my friend Spot or if you are a first time dog owner, please consider dog obedience. Having the appropriate knowledge and your dog having the appropriate training will insure that the transition to his new forever home is a smooth one.

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