Dog Training Hints from Spike

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Hi, it’s me, Spike. I know you’re doing your best, but I wanted to use my blog to give you a few suggestions about dog training. Just some things that would make life easier for your dog…

The first one is when you teach your puppy or dog “down” he learned to lay down, wherever he was. So when he’s on the couch or the bed and you yell “Down!” he thinks you’re asking him to lie down. Maybe you should say “Off” instead. We dogs don’t get it that the same word can mean two different things.

Another thing is when you raise your voice, your dog gets excited. He thinks you’re playing and that you want him to yell along with you. So if you need to correct him, talk to him in a normal tone. That way he can hear what you’re saying and he won’t get so excited that he’s barking along with—or over– you.

Remember when you ask your puppy or dog to do something—like sit—and he does it, give him some praise. That way he knows that he did the right thing. If you just ignore him he won’t know if he did what you wanted or not.

If your dog gets away from you and you shout at him to “Come”, don’t punish him when he gets there! This will make the poor guy not want to come when you call for him. It would work a lot better to let him know he did a good job by coming to you; he’s already forgotten why you were telling me to come in the first place.

Remember that he’s a dog, not a person. Stuff you do that means one thing to you might mean something completely different to him. Taking some dog training classes can help you understand how he sees the world: from a dog point of view.

And the most important thing: your dog lives to make you happy. That’s his whole purpose in life. If he’s not making you happy, it means that he just doesn’t understand what you want. He feels sad and confused when he disappoints you.

So that’s the best reason to invest in dog training: Your little guy wants to be your BFF more than anything. If you take some classes, you and your dog can learn together how to make that happen.

And here’s my best tip: to find out more about programs at our full service training center, please contact us.

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