Private In home dog training vs Residency training: Which to choose?

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By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger

It is important to understand that for most people training their dog, the process is not simply a dollars and cents formula, but rather a combination of money, time, energy, and ability of the owners as well as the behavior issues of their dog. At times the choice is not clear which option to choose. The decision then rests with what suits your family’s lifestyle.

For each person, how your dog is now and how it will be once trained, offers a unique understanding of “training.” So as you consider what way to proceed with training, the cost is relative and depends on the resources you have and are prepared to invest in training your dog.

Private in home dog training and residency training each have their advantages when teaching manners to our dogs.  Whatever program you choose, your dog will be better trained than before working with Acme Canine. Our certified professional trainers will build a foundation through which you are able to communicate with your dog. With this foundation you will gain more respect, focus, and bond from you canine companion.   In addition, all of Acme Canine’s programs teach our clients how to handle, how to speak, how to correct, how to fade body language, etc. so you can assume the leadership role and better communicate with your dog.


  • Is time tight? Are you planning a vacation or have a business trip?
  • Do you need your dog trained quickly?
  • Do you have a busy lifestyle?

 In-home     Great for owners whose schedules are more hectic. Clients can choose a package or do their training session by session. Day, evening or weekend, we come to our client’s home, one day a week, two days per week, or five days per week, depending on their needs and those of their dog. It is ultimately up to our client to train and change behaviors in their dog. Our client is actually training their dog every time they interact with it. Training may take longer due to lack of finesse but if the owner really learns the reinforcement/correction skills their dog will perform at a high level.

Residency   A certified trainer is working with your dog several hours a day. That’s nearly 200 hours spent shaping the dog’s behavior for virtually every second.   Even when sleeping, that dog is doing something that the trainer has directed…resting quietly in the crate. If he’s not complying, then the trainer is up at 4 a.m. taking care of it, and reshaping it into what is needed from the dog. More commands can be taught and learned in a shorter time frame. This is possible through multiple training sessions occurring daily.   With a dog trained through a residency program it far easier to “train” the owners when using a trained dog. We feel the dog doesn’t get as confused and is a bit more “forgiving” if the owner makes a mistake.


  • Are you able to physically do the exercises as outlined?
  • Are you able to follow through working mostly on your own with minimal instruction and assistance from an instructor?
  • Are you able to apply the generalized instruction to your own unique experience and set of circumstances?
  • Do you baby your dog?
  • Do you have the patience required to teach your dog?


Teaching your own dog provides a sense of accomplishment. By investing yourself in training, you also reap your own rewards. Training your own dog sometimes give you a better understanding for teaching the next dog that comes along, or in helping a friend understand a better way of doing things.


Acme Canine’s trainers can push the dog as fast as he’s willing and able to go. Faster results can be achieved due to professional instruction involving “good interpretation of the dog”, “lots of praise”, and “quick corrections”

If you have very low expectations for your dog and doubt that your dog could ever do what we would like them to, YOU (and the dog) would benefit from a residency program. A residency gives the dog a jump start on the commands making it easier for you to follow through on maintaining your dog.



Dogs learn in the environment where they live. Teaching a dog in your home is more comfortable and less stressful for your dog.


Aggression and severe insecurity issues are best handled by a professional. Residency would be the recommended program.


  • Do you want to train in a sterile environment or the real world?
  • Do you have room in your home to train your dog?


In-home training allows dog owners to learn the proper methods to train their dog for the real world in the privacy of their own home. Clients may feel more open to answering questions in their home, and like to show how they do things on a daily basis. Teaching “wait” at the door can hit home when you do it where you will need it most. We can also work on things like an “off” command for your furniture, and “leave it” with things the dog likes to grab in your home.


Unlike most residency programs Acme Canine teaches your pet in a home environment, using training methods appropriate for your dog’s personality and temperament. We customize the training for your dog to meet your unique needs and goals. The training process includes travel accommodations to different training venues where your dog will receive socialization and distraction training in real life situations.   Acme Canine will provide updates and documentation of the ENTIRE TRAINING PROCESS as a permanent record of your dogs’ progress and training on request. We’ll even pick up and deliver your dog!

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