Acme Canine…dog centric advice so you can communicate with your dog


Big or small, toy, working or mixed, young or old, aggressive, shy, or just needing better manners…Acme Canine partners with daycare and boarding owners, dog trainers and dog owners to ensure successful experiences with dogs.

Founded in 2004 by owner and professional blogger, Laura Pakis, to help owners better understand their dogs, Acme Canine’s mission has always been, and remains, “building better lifelong bonds through behavior training and coaching.”

Acme Canine offers a variety of services to educate both novice and knowledgeable dog owners, daycare and boarding facilities, and dog trainers.   Laura is well-trained in canine behavior and certified in breed selection, temperament testing, dog training, puppy development, behavior modification and pet boarding, so you can be assured your dog is in great hands.  Having worked with over 5,000 dogs in her life, Laura will bring this knowledge and expertise to you and your dog.

The advantage of working with Acme Canine:  Downloadable training materials, membership to gain more canine knowledge a monthly e-newsletter, The Bark, and Spike’s Dog Blog— absolutely everything to make a successful relationship with dogs!

Laura Pakis, CPT, is available for workshops and presentations as well as guest blogs.

Please use the contact page   for your requests.