DOG TRICK: Get my slippers

This trick is a combination of Fetch and Drop. When you tell your dog to get your slippers, he will “fetch” them and drop them right into your hand.

By Laura Pakis, Certified Dog Trainer and Professional Blogger,

This iconic trick is basically a version of Fetch.  The big difference is your dog must learn what item it is you want him to fetch rather than retrieving a tossed ball or toy of his choice. You can teach this trick to just about any dog, no matter their age. The only limitation is that your dog needs to be big enough to carry your slippers.

Like most commands, this one is relatively simple. All you need is something like “Fetch my slippers.”  The idea is to take the basic “fetch” command and add what you want your pup to fetch.

Items needed to teach command

When teaching your dog to fetch your slippers, you don’t need much in the way of actual supplies, but  you will need:


To reward your dog for obeying your commands.

An old pair of slippers:

By starting with an old pair of slippers, you give your dog time to learn his new trick without destroying your good slippers.

Patience and Time:

These are always important when working with your dog.  It won’t take your dog long to learn to fetch your slippers, so make each training session as much fun as possible for both of you.

Teaching steps

Step 1

Teach your dog “fetch” first. To do this, hide a treat inside a toy or even a tennis ball with a slit down the middle. Toss the toy a short distance, say the word “fetch,” then encourage your dog to go for the toy by moving excitedly to the toy. When your dog gets the toy, verbally praise him.

Reward your dog with praise or a treat when he brings the toy back to you. This reinforces the concept of “fetch” and clues your dog into the fact that he is doing something you are proud and happy that he is doing.

Practice “fetch” with the toy until your dog gets good at this game. When you feel he understands the game of fetch, you can introduce the slippers.

Step 2

Place your slippers a short distance from you and hide a treat inside one of the feet. Say the word “slippers” and point. Work on this for a few days until your dog understands that the word “slippers” refers to that item.

Step 3

Put the two steps together: Place your slippers a short distance from you, then tell your pet to “fetch your slippers.” He should run to the slippers, pick them up, and bring them to you.


Repetition is the key to this trick. As you practice it more, the fetch and drop commands will flow into “Get My Slippers.”

To avoid wearing soggy slippers, when teaching this trick, have your dog take the top part or toe of your slippers.

Some dogs will become very excited about this trick and treat the slippers as a reward. Please don’t allow your dog to get preoccupied and play with the slippers when asked to retrieve them. To fix this problem, treat and praise only when he brings them back faster.

If your dog is having difficulty bringing both slippers, keep your slippers together with a piece of velcro or string.

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